Ultimate Upgrade
General Information
Species Evolved Galvanich Mechamorph
Home World Galvan B
DNA source Evolved Upgrade
Body Humanoid/Blob
Alternate Counterparts Upgrade
Powers and Abilities
Abilities See article
First Appearance  ???
 Ultimate Upgrade is the evolved form of Upgrade in Ben 10: Inversed Roles, Inversed Roles Rebooted, and Mack 10. It is unknown when it will appear, however. It is unlocked in both Ben, Mack, and Albedo's Unlimitrixes and Ultimatrixes. It evolves into Unlimited Upgrade.


Ultimate Upgrade has a similair body shape to Upgrade. However, Ultimate Upgrade is taller by about two feet. His green patterns (or whichever color the Omnimatrix is) are also different and resemble Malware's stripes. The Ultimatrix is placed on his forehead, similar to Omniverse Upgrade. 

Powers and Abilities

Ulimate Upgrade is not a solid being, meaning he can shift holes in his body to let matter and objects pass through him at will. Ultimate Upgrade can use his internal nanotechnology to merge with, upgrade, or control any object in reach by liquidizing itself and spreading over it. The size of the object, however, does not matter, as he controls it as he would as if it was his own body. When he merges with the object or technology, it upgrades it, making it even more powerful. He can also reconfigure technology. It can also integrate with beings sometimes if they have technology in them, such as Rex and Rojo.

Ultimate Upgrade can launch giant green plasma blasts from it's eye/trix, neck formation, and hands.  He can also phase through almost any metal or technology, and can also travel through electrical currents. It can also gently descend through air, almost like a parachute would. It can also survive in space.

Ultimate Upgrade has enhanced (but he isn't as strong as say, Humungousaur) strength. He can crush things with his huge claws. His strength makes him a challenge for villains.


Ultimate Upgrade can be forcefully liquefied and unable to become a being again without permission by the person who forced this. Upgrade can also easily be contained by things, just like water and gasses. However, if he detransforms due to the timer anything containing him will either break or grow in size. His plasma blasts also reflect and ricochet off smooth surfaces such as mirrors.

It's super-strength can easily be used against itself, as since the rest of it's body isn't as strong as it's arms and hands, it can be hard to hit and aim sometimes.

Also, if he merges with an object that has a virus, Ultimate Upgrade can attempt to fight the virus off, but it will usually be corrupted.



  • This alien was made by PokeRob.
  • This alien was made for Ben 10: Inversed Roles, but may be used in other series.
  • Upgrade is one of Rob's favorite aliens, which is why he made this alien.
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