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Ultimate Upgrade..........

Credits to the CN team

Ultimate Upgrade is the DNA sample of an evolved Galvanic Mechamorph from the planet Galvan B.

Strength: **********

Powers: **********

Speed: **********

Powers and Abilities: Ultimate Upgrade retains all the powers of his weaker form. He can now absorb technology and then save it in his wireless database. He can then use the powers of that technology to fight or he can also transform into it. He is now faster and more agile. Though he is now pure metal, he can still transform into his liquid form.

He can absorb atmosphere particles, then remove the high temperature from them, and then fire them as ice blasts. He can fire two types of laser beams, one by absorbing organic materials like wood, and the other by absorbing mechanical materials like metal or iron.

He has also gained the ability to project laser projections and also screen projections. He can project laser projection from his ‘eye’. In the laser projection, a three dimensional (3D) image can be shown, whereas, in screen projection a 2d image can be shown.

He can also fire missiles. He can morph his hands into cannon or mechanical cannon from which he can fire his missiles. He can build one single cannon to blast a whole area or he can fire multi-missiles (the single missile split into various missiles) to blast various targets.

He also has the unique ability to teleport to various places. He can also carry other objects or living-things along with him while he teleports.

He also has a ‘weapon boost’, a universe-famous move which can only be performed by evolved Galvanic Mechamorphs. It includes the ice blasts, laser beams (both organic and mechanical), laser projection, screen projection, Multi missiles, missile and Teleportation.