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Ultimate Upgrade is the evolved form of Upgrade that appears on Earth-68.

Ultimate Upgrade (Earth-68)
General Information
Species Evolved Galvanic Mechamorph
Home World Galvan B
Body Data Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Radio Wave Manipulation
Radio Wave Solidification
Pulse Wave Surge
First Appearance Cyber Terror
Evolved Form/Devolved Form Upgrade (Earth-68)


Ultimate Upgrade has a humanoid body with a bald head, though he is composed entirely of radio wave data streams. The streams are a series of 0s and 1s from wifi signals.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Upgrade has the ability to control, draw in and manipulate radio waves, essentially controlling the wifi of all electronic devices. He can use it as a shield for defense. He can integrate himself into the technology as well. His body is intangible due to data not being solid, and can't be harmed by standard attacks.

He has the ability to solidify the radio waves, molded into weapons such as shuriken, blades, bullets and chains. He can also create clones out of the data streams, which can explode from an overload surge.

After condensing a high level of radiation waves into butterfly wings, he can release an electronic pulse wave, which sends overriding signals into the electronics he has access to through radio waves. This surge causes the electronics to explode.


Electric attacks can harm him, due to the disruption of his wifi signal and control.

If electricity is intermitted into the radio waves, then the electrically charged waves will travel to Ultimate Upgrade the same way that he draws in regular radio waves. These electric charged radio waves can harm Ultimate Upgrade from the inside.

Its body can be disrupted and possibly destroyed by magnetic waves.

It can be destroyed by nuclear blasts, the low level radiation it uses for its body being destroyed by it.

He can be corrupted by viruses, or by Malware.

Metal Man Alpha (John 23: Megaman)

Metal Man Alpha is the version of Ultimate Upgrade that appears in Dimension 23. He is solely used by Bass, created by his Alpha Program. He is considered one of the most dangerous aliens in the series, due to the dimension being a heavily technologically based world.


Dimension 2 (Ryder 10)

Ultimate Upgrade is used by Albedo.

Ryder 10: Wanderer

By Albedo


  • Ultimate Upgrade is the first Ultimate form to be introduced in Earth-68 that didn't debut in the John Smith 10 franchise.
  • Ultimate Upgrade is based off Tabuu from the Super Smash Bros series, both by appearance and attacks.
  • In technologically advanced worlds, he can essentially be omnipotent.
John 23: Megaman
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