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Ultimate Upgrade
Ultimate Upgrade (Alien Alliance)
General Information
Species Evolved Galvanic Mechamorph
Home World Galvan B
Body Plant
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Technopathy


First Appearance Paging Dr. Animo

Ultimate Upgrade is an evolved Galvanic Mechmorph from Galvan B in Ben 10: Alien Alliance. He was used for the first time by Ben to sneak in the Palace of Animo, using the corpse of Biowulf in Paging Dr. Animo He was replaced by Silence once they entered the facility.

Physical Appearance[]

His appearance is similar to Upgrade and Wildvine. He looks like Upgrade but with several modifications: his legs are now four tentacles. The trademark lines are replaced by a circuit of vines. Two spikes are placed by his elbows, which can grow. He have three whiskers on each side of his head and a long tendril aboveh his eye. The eye is similar to the eye of Wildvine and just like Wildvine he has two blue orbs on his shoulders.

and abilities[]

His are highly increased since he can not only upgrade and control every machine under tech 18, he can upgrade plants. The regular upgrade can upgrade machines till tech 14. As he control plants, he can create toxins, make them more moveable or using it as a decoy. He still has the ability to shapeshift to a liquid metal/plant form.


His main weaknesses are electricity just like the regular upgrade but because he's now part plant, he has a main weakness for fire.


Ben 10: Alien Alliance[]

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