Ultimate Upchuck is the Hidden Universe's DNA sample of an evolved Gourmand.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Upchuck's powers are based more on physical attacks than his devolved self. Instead of projectile energy, Ultimate Upchuck's consumed attacks build up his muscle, height, endurance, and speed. He is able to punch harder, stomp holes into the ground, withstand more, run faster, and with enough energy, unleash a high-powered, limited-range explosion.


A strong enough explosion is capable of draining the Omnitrix and knocking the user out.

Back in Action: Alien Universe


Back in Action: Alien Universe


  • Ben jokingly referred to Ultimate Upchuck as "Munchtrosity." This is the second time Ben used a joke name on an alien, the first being with canon ChamAlien in his debut episode.
  • Until a small rewrite of Welcome to Chronospect on October 29, 2018, Ultimate Upchuck was a unique alien named Boomchomp who shot boomerang-shaped energy at enemies of power levels based on what attacks were consumed.
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