Ultimate Tyrannopede
General Information
Species Evolved Chilopodosaur
Home World Terradino
DNA source Wild Specimen
Body Centipede-like Theropod
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Speed

Enhanced Reflexes Enhanced Strength Enhanced Durability Enhanced Smelling Powerful Jaws Mace Tail Web Shooting Cranialkinesis

First Appearance Danger: High Voltage

Ultimate Tyrannopede is the Nemetrix's sample of an Evolved Chilopodosaur from the planet Terradino. It is the natural predator of Evolved Vaxasaurians and the nemesis of Ultimate Humungousaur in Ben 10: Omnitrix Wielder.


Ultimate Tyrannopede is twice as big as its base form. Its head is the same shape but is a darker red and now has the horn. Its back armor is darker and the spikes are bigger. Its arms are bigger in proportion to its body and its claws are white with red bases. Its legs are thicker and its tail is longer with black prongs in addition to the red spikes. There are tapering triangular red markings that extend from its back armor into its belly at each body segment and red spikes lining a sack that hangs from its throat. It also has more teeth. The Evolved Nemetrix collar wraps around its neck.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Tyrannopede’s arms are strong enough to grapple with and restrain Ultimate Humungousaur. Its neck and jaws now have enough strength to overpower an evolved Vaxasaurian, albeit with difficulty, and sheer through sheets of thick metal.

Ultimate Tyrannopede is faster and more durable than its base form. Its sense of smell and hearing are also improved.

Ultimate Tyrannopede is so heavy that it leaves footprints even in metal floors and can cause bridges to collapse just by standing on them.

Ultimate Tyrannopede can shoot strong webbing from the horn on its head to restrain its prey.

Like a snake, Ultimate Tyrannopede has the ability to swallow things larger than its own head by dislocating and disconnecting its low jaw bones to expand its skull.

Tyrannopede can use the armor plates and spikes on its tail as a bludgeon.


Ultimate Tyrannopede’s extreme weight results in low stamina, and it will quickly grow tired if it runs for a long time. It also causes insufficiently reinforced flooring such as midair platforms and bridges to collapse when it stands on them.

Ultimate Tyrannopede is vulnerable to the Hephaestan neuro-grip.

Ultimate Tyrannopede’s only defense against Ultimate Humungousaur’s bone missiles is to spray his hands with webs; otherwise it is highly vulnerable to them.


  • Danger: High Voltage
  • Happy Hunting Part 2
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