Ultimate The Worst
Ultimate The Worst.png
General Information
Species: Evolved Atrocian
Home World: N/A
DNA Source: The Worst
Body: Bodybuilder
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Peak Fitness
Classification: Fauna
First Appearance: TBA

Ultimate The Worst is the evolved form of The Worst.

This version of Ultimate The Worst was created by CaT and is free for anyone to use.


Ultimate The Worst's shimmering golden muscles are powerful enough that he can bench press a city and crush Taydenite with his bare hands. Most fights become boring to him as he can usually defeat any opponent with ease, flexing on everything in his path.

Ultimate The Worst retains his invulnerability and stamina, meaning that his muscles will never wear out from overuse.

His golden skin is so shiny that it can potentially blind enemies who stare at it for too long.


Ultimate The Worst's new strength has not made him any less disgusting to look at, unfortunately, and actually seems to have exacerbated the issue.


Ultimate The Worst's evolution simulation is run on the basis that the Atrocians, while invulnerable, are generally kind of useless, and would very quickly get outperformed in any serious survival situation. The Atrocian's short, slovenly bodies gradually evolve into finely-toned demigods of fitness in order to combat this new threat, turning The Worst into one of the best (but still ugly as sin).


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  • Ultimate The Worst's design is based on bodybuilders.

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