Ultimate Temportal
General Information
Species Evolved Kanipoto
Home World Kinzesu
Body Four-Armed Crustacean Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Portal Creation
Hard Shell
First Appearance The Measure Of A Man: Part 2

Ultimate Temportal is the evolved form of Temportal from Tech 10: Rebooted.


Ultimate Temportal retains the following abilities from his unevolved form:

  • Portal Creation
  • Tough Shell
  • Water Breathing

Though he doesn't gain any new abilities, these abilities are greatly improved, removing all restriction on the portals he can create, allowing comfortable travel to the deepest of oceans, and increasing his shell's durability, to the point where he can take a grenade explosion at point-blank range.


Ultimate Temportal gains a much more varied color scheme, with various purple and gray hues adorning his metallic shell. His build also changes significantly, giving him an extra pair of arms and making him more crustacean in appearance.


Ultimate Temportal's portal creation abilities have no evident limitations, making it possible to accidentally collapse a portion of the universe in on itself by creating too many portals in one area.

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