Ultimate TV is a Evolved Televisian from the planet Teevy in Ben 10: Stupidity Force.

Ultimate TV
General Information
Species Evolved Televisian
Home World Teevy
Body TV screen
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Televisionkinesis, a lot of others
First Appearance Video Gamez


He looks like a huge plasma tv screen with legs and hands, and a face (sometimes).


  • Going into TV shows
  • Broadcasting TV shows on himself in HD
  • Switching channels. WITH NO REMOTE.
  • Bringing stuff out of TVs
  • Televisionkinesis
  • Putting others in TV shows
  • Firing plasma
  • Connecting to video games
  • Shooting DVDs
  • Connecting to the computer to show computer movies
  • Controlling remotes
  • Making movies in HD
  • Using a plasma cannon
  • Showing stuff in 3D
  • Giving you 3D glasses
  • Making you think the 3D effects are epic but he is actually getting the characters outside.




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