Ultimate Swampblast Head
General Information
Species 1/3 Evolved Methanosian

1/3 Pyronite 1/3 Petrosapien

Body Humanoid diamond fire tree
Devolved Form Swampblast head
Predator Crabdozer
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Pyrokinesis,Chlorokinesis,Echanched streenght,Echanched durability,Echanched agility,Fire bombs,Pyro immunity,Flight(via propulsion),Underwater propulsion,Crystallokinesis

Crystaline Constructs Shard Projectiles Explosive Projectiles Weapon Manifestation Regeneration Body Alteration Energy Refraction Energy Redirection Energy Absorption Aging Immunity Heat Resistance Space Survivability

Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker


Body humanoid tree head and left arm heatblast.

Right arm diamond and in head have diamonds.

Foot diamondhead foots.

Ultimatrix symbol in trunk.

Powers and Abilities.

He have echanched streenght and echanched durability he can drop powerful fire bombs (powerful than Heatblast and Ult.Swampfire).He have immunity fire.And he survive in space vacum.He can generate crystaly and make hand to sword or shield.He can controlling generate crystaly.He can redirecting energy.


Sonic vibrations.And water can ectinguish his fire.

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