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Ultimate Super Form is the evolved form of Super Form in Earth-68.

Ultimate Super Form
General Information
Species Evolved Super Form (1/2 Hexahog, 1/2 Black Arms)
Home World None
Body Black Hole
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Black Hole Suction
Reality Absorption
Emotion Absorption
Size Alteration
First Appearance Master of Chaos
Evolved Form/Devolved Form Super Form (Alien)


Ultimate Super Form has no solid form. It is identified as being a dark purple area that takes up the space where it originates from. While starting small, it expands out indefinitely if left unchecked. Deep inside the "black hole body" is the Ultimatrix symbol.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Super Form is described as "completely uncontrolled chaos." Ultimate Super Form is essentially a black hole, sucking everything into it. When sucked in, objects have an astral form, resembled as an after image, pulled out of them, which breaks the body apart to suck them in. It works on solid matter, light, and chaos energy.

It may suck in positive emotions as well, as it caused a feeling of despair on those trying to stop it.

The body is elastic and constantly growing, expanding out in all available space. If repelled by an attack, it'll just expand out around it.


While it absorbs chaos mana, it can equally be stopped by chaos mana. If the chaos mana pierces in to the black hole and strikes the Ultimatrix symbol, it can stop the effects of Ultimate Super Form and reverse the damage that's been done.

The user has no control over their power, and is essentially the black hole's first victim.

Its sole power is destroying reality.

Super Form Alpha (John 23: Megaman)

Super Form Alpha is the version of Ultimate Super Form that appears in Dimension 23. It is solely used by Bass, created by his Alpha Program.


  • Ultimate Super Form is perhaps the most powerful alien I've created.
  • Ultimate Super Form is a non-sapient alien, as the original user is lost in the black hole and has no control over the form.
  • This alien was inspired by the Greek deity Chaos, which is described as a void, where everything came from and returned to.
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