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Ultimate Storm is August's Featured Alein!

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Ultimate Storm
Ultimate Storm
General Information
Species Evolved Megaherobound
Home World The Forge of Creation
Body Four Armed Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shape-shifting!


Enhanced Intelligence

Super Strength

Super Speed

Icrease of Size (Up to 737)

Super Hearing and Smell

Digestion of Almost Anything

Sharp Teeth

Fire Bombs

Fire Shots

Fire Balls

Pryo Immunity

Cyro Immunity

Portal Making

Thick Tough Skin


Ultimate Storm is an Evolved Megaherobound from the Forge of Creation in Ahmad 15.


He is never similar to Old Storm! He now has two Giant Pyronite-like Arms and two Pyronite Light-like Hands. He has a Pyronite Colored Wings. His Pattern is similar to a Black Pyronite


He still has much of His Devolved Powers. But he has lost his Hydro-Immunity and his Hydrokinesis. In replacement, He gained Regeneration and Shapeshifting. He has lost his old weakness because of his current Amount of Intelligence.


Since he lost his previous Weakness, he got another. By losing his Water-control Powers, He can't Stand water anymore.

Ahmad 15[]

  • Ultimate Storm first appeared in Ahmad 15: Rise of Devite, when he failed to Defeat Devita.