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Ultimate Stinkfly is the evolved form of Stinkfly,meaning he is an evolved lepidotiran.He is an alien in the multimatrix.


Now in his ultimate form he is the color of Ultimate Spidermonkey which is black and purple.Instead of two arms he has six,they are purple and are more human like.Also his hands are purple and he wears black fingerless gloves.His body is purple and so is his tail,he has purple legs and his chest has black lines on it.His head is black and he has six eyes that are purple,also he has black pupils.He has six black legs with little quills on them.His tail is bigger and is black and his mucus like green slime is now purple and sometimes black.Instead of two wings he has Four and instead of sticking straight out,they stick out sideways and they are black.There are two black spikes on his arms and he has long claws.He also stands up in a straight

Powers and abilities[]


Enhanced strength.

Can shoot acid out of hands.

Sharp teeth.

Can shoot acid out of eyes.

Can shoot acid tails.

Sharp claws.

Can shoot goo out of eyes.

Can shoot goo out of tails.

Can stun people with a horrible gas or by striking them with his claw.

Able shoot goo out of eyes.

Sharp tail.

Can grow or shrink tail.

Can look directly behind himself.

Supreme vision (can see through things).

Can emit a knockout gas by sprouting holes,on the palm of his hands that shoot it out.

His tail can cut through almost anything.

Able to cover oder.

Super speed.

Able to sprout extra tails,legs and arms.

Can shoot quills out.

Can create a shield made out of goo.

Because of his sharp legs he can spin them around to damage enemies.

Ultimate Stinkfly can control his acid and slime meaning,he can make his slime more stickier,and his acid burn even more.