Ultimate Spiderfreak
Ultimate SpiderfreakRe.png
General Information
Species Evolved Venachen
Home World N/A
DNA source Spiderfreak
Body Massive Humanoid Spider
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Spider Physiology
First Appearance Lullaby

Ultimate Spiderfreak is the evolved form of Spiderfreak in Tech 10: Star Spirit.

You may be looking for the Ultimate Spiderfreak from the other Tech 10 continuity.


Ultimate Spiderfreak's abilities include:

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Highly-Durable Exoskeleton
  • Venomous Fangs
  • Venomous Rapid-Fire Darts
  • Thermal Vision
  • Enhanced Sight
  • Web Creation


Ultimate Spiderfreak is a red, black, and brown massive humanoid spider. His brown patches are covered in small hairs that may irritate the skin, whereas his red and black patches are a smooth exoskeleton. He has numerous spikes lining his arms and legs, and two back-mounted 'turrets' that resemble his unevolved form's abdomen. His forearms split into three seperate branches that each end in a sharp claw. The evolved SpecTrix symbol is on his chest.


Ultimate Spiderfreak loses quite a bit of the speed and maneuverability his unevolved form has.


  • Ultimate Spiderfreak was created long before his debut, originally intended as a redesign of his unevolved form. Seeing as how such a drastic change in appearance would be one heck of a stretch, he was instead retooled into his current incarnation.

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