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Ultimate Sonic Boom is the evolved form of Sonic Boom that appears on Earth-68.

Ultimate Sonic Boom (Earth-68)
General Information
Species Evolved Hexahog
Home World Mobius
Body Hedgehog shaped Wind
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Aerokinesis
Wind Body
Cutting Wind
Super Speed
First Appearance Master of Chaos
Evolved Form/Devolved Form Sonic Boom


Ultimate Sonic Boom is, appearance wise, an exact replica of Sonic Boom, with its quill spikes all sticking straight up. His entire body is made of wind, it swirling in place to resemble a solid form. The Ultimatrix symbol is on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Sonic Boom is made entirely of wind, and attacks with the wind. Using super speed, he moves as fast as the wind, the wind cutting through anything it comes in contact with, including flesh and metal.

Due to a formless body, it is intangible. If scattered, the wind can pull itself back together.


Ultimate Sonic Boom can be blocked by certain types of attacks, such as fire.

Sonic Man Alpha (John 23: Megaman)

Sonic Man Alpha is the version of Ultimate Sonic Boom that appears in Dimension 23. It is an alien form only useable Bass, who creates it with his Alpha Program.


  • Ultimate Sonic Boom was inspired by Sonic being as "faster than the wind"
    • The idea was also inspired by Sonic's title as "Knight of the Wind" in Sonic vs. the Black Knight.
    • It also is based on my thought that evolution wise, Sonic would move so fast that his body would break down into the wind.
  • Ultimate Sonic Boom being weak to fire is based off the manga Naruto, where the Fire Element beats the Wind Element.
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