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Ultimate Snow Bear
Ultimate Snow Bear.png
General Information
Species Evolved Canician
Home World Ursia
Body Humanoid
Devolved Form Snow Bear
Powers and abilities
Abilities Ice Beam
Ice Hands
Super Human Strength
First Appearance Cold Front

Ultimate Snow Bear is an evolved transformation in Brandon 10.


Ultimate Snow Bear is a big humanoid with grey fur and dark grey/purple-like skin. His fur goes upwards on his head and he has a beard. He has two teeth which stick out upwards from his mouth. There are two black stripes that form a V shape on his front which connect that his chest. He seems to have four white chest plates. The spiked Ultimatrix symbol is on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Snow Bear has the ability to fire an ice beam from his mouth and to freeze things with a super freeze touch from his Ice Hands. Just like his predecessor, he can camouflage in with surrounding elements like snow and ice. He is now much bigger and stronger than Snow Bear which makes him able to engage in hand-to-hand combat with average sized and big sized enemies as well as pick up, carry and move objects. He is also immune to extreme cold temperatures.


Ultimate Snow Bear's only known weakness at the moment is high temperatures and flames.


In Cold Front, Ultimate Snow Bear frees The Yeti of mind control and freezes the nanobot core

In Meet the Parents, Ultimate Snow Bear fights against Pursgain

In Renegade, Ultimate Snow Bear puts out a fire and saves a trapped citizen


Ultimate Hero

Video Games

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  • Ultimate Snow Bear is the third Ultimate alien to appear in Ultimate Hero.
  • Ultimate Snow Bear is the first Ultimate alien to be an evolved form of an alien from The Original Series.
  • Unlike the rest of the original Ultimates, Ultimate Snow Bear looks nothing like his predecessor.
  • While designing Ultimate Snow Bear, he could have appeared either like a Yeti or more like a Bear.


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