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Ultimate Slapback
Ultimate Slapback.png
General Information

Evolved Ekoplektoid

Home Planet:



Humanoid Metallic Turtle

Other Info

Limb Duplication
Mass Manipulation
Density Manipulation
Black Hole Generation
Kinetic Absorption
Clone Explosion
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Strength Amplification
Durability Amplification


Slowness Amplification

First Appearance:


Ultimate Slapback is the evolved form of Slapback. He is a free use alien made by Alan.


Ultimate Slapback appears like a larger version of Slapback, with bright cyan skin. His helmet is retracted some on the top of his head, replaced with a dark grey piece of metal with silver spikes on it. His outfit is similar to that of his base form, though with the shirt pattern changed slightly and the colors of his pants swapped. His legs are stubby. He has four eyes.

Ultimate Slapback wears the Ultimate symbol on his back.


  • Ultimate Slapback retains his base form's powers.
  • Ultimate Slapback's duplication is more conscious now, and he can duplicate limbs without making full on clones.
  • Ultimate Slapback can manipulate the mass and density of others.
  • Ultimate Slapback can instantly create clones dense enough to turn into black holes.
  • Ultimate Slapback can store the kinetic energy used to duplicate him. He can later expel this energy through a duplication explosion.


  • Ultimate Slapback, due to being metal, is weak to magnetism.
  • Ultimate Slapback gets slower the more he duplicates.


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  • Ultimate Slapback's design was made using the bartender from Omniverse.
  • Ultimate Slapback's clone explosion power is simliar to that of his Omni-Kix form.
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