Ultimate Scorch is the evolved version of Scorch in Ben 10: Ultimate Power.

Ultimate Scorch
Ultimate Scourch version2.png
General Information
Species Evolved Nenoheatian
Home World Nenoheat
Body Hard to describe
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Nova Beams
Heat Energy Generation
Pyro Immunity
Nenoheatian minions generation
Extreme nova bursts
Limited Electrokinesis
Height Manipulation


Powers and Abilities

He has the power to control lightning as well as fire. He now has wings made of fire and his veins are actually lightning flowing inside of him which increases his powers. He can grow up to 150 feet tall. He now also has mini volcanoes on his shoulders and leaves a flaming footprint whenever he walks. He now has a dark red color on his arms and legs, and yellow on his head, hands, and feet. His voice sounds like a wildfire spreading combined with the sound of lighting striking against dry land. He has a yellow color and can control fire, lightning, and sometimes ice. Now, if he touches metal (including titanium), it instantly melts within a milli-second.


The weakness for his lightning part of him is having stone being thrown at him. The weakness for his fire part of him is being in extremely cold conditions. If anyone freezes one of his two volcanoes, he'll instantly begin to literally break apart, similar to when Chromastone was defeated by Vilgax. Also, if someone was to freeze his veins, he would be able to tolerate it for 15 minutes, then the Infinimatrix and/or Infinitrix will devolve the user back to Scorch. Then, if the same thing happens again while the user is Scorch, they won't be able to use either form for at least half an hour, even if the user has unlocked Master Control. Afterwards, the user can still transform into him, but he will be about 15 times weaker. So, imagine him, but with the strength of.... hmm... Nanomech.

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