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Ultimate Ripjaws
General Information
Species Evolved Pisciss Volann
Home World Pisciss
Body Humanoid/Shark
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Breathing underwater

Strength Speed in water

First Appearance The Treasure of Blackbeard

Ultimate Ripjaws is the evolved form of Ripjaws in Ben 10: Unlimited Force.

Powers and Abilities[]

Unlike regular Ripjaws, Ultimate Ripjaws can breath air. Ultimate Ripjaws is also much stronger than Ripjaws, and it is confirmed that he can fire energy in the shape of a cutter from his headlight.


Ultimate Ripjaws is very aggresive. And also, the smell of blood causes him to go into a "feeding frenzy".

Appearances in Unlimited Force[]


  • When Ben used Ultimate Ripjaws against Kraab, one moment resembled the cover of the horror movie Jaws.
  • Ultimate Ripjaws is the third alien Ben cannot fully control, the other two are Rath and Jury Rigg.