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Ultimate Ripjaws is an Evolved Piscciss Volann in Ben 10: Stupidity Force. He is the third original ultimate to debut in the series.

Ultimate Ripjaws (BTSF).png


Ultimate Ripjaws has a silver spike on his blue face, with a light purple body and a light blue torso. He has darker fins and an indigo tail with grey lines on it and spikes protuding from the top. The end of his tail has a spike on it.


Ripjaws' powers, and:

  • Stabbing people with his head and tail
  • Shooting the spikes on his tail
  • Doesn't need to always be in water
  • Growing his fins into spikes
  • Hydrokinesis
  • Controlling all aquatic things


  • Too much heat
  • He doesn't have legs, but he slithers on his tail.