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Ultimate Ripjaws
Ultimate Ripjaws AaronBry.png
General Information
Species Evolved Pisciss Volann
Body Armoured Humanoid Fish
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Underwater Breathing
Tail Formation
Speed Swimming
Steel-Bending Jaws
Mouth Expansion
Sharp Teeth
Sharp Claws
Glowing Lure
Lure Flash
Venom Immunity
Enhanced Strength
Greatly Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Digging
Enhanced Agility (underwater)
Aquatic Combat
Dark Vision
Weaknesses Weak Spots (joints)
Cumbersome Armour

Ultimate Ripjaws is the Ultimatrix's evolved form of Ripjaws. He is an evolved Pisciss Volann from the planet Pisciss. He is a free use ultimate alien.


Ultimate Ripjaws is covered in bright red bone-armour, with a light-blue head and murky green skin everywhere beneath his neck. His lure has shrunk, now being attached directly to his head. His teeth have evolved into one another, now giving him what is effectively an incredibly sharp and powerful beak.

Powers and Abilities

Ripjaw's abilities are all, in general, now largely enhanced. The armour provides him greater combat prowess than before, able to take and block far more hits. The armour is specifically designed to block venomous spines from opponents. His jaws are now stronger than before, with his teeth now far better designed for cutting through tough materials.

Ripjaws' lure is now attached directly to his head, which should make it less effective at attracting prey however its primary function has since shifted. Although it typically only glows as bright as before, it can now flash intensely to stun opponents. This ability is very effective in the dark, less so in bright environments. His lure can also be used as a torch, but doing so risks exhausting the light-producing chemicals and forcing him to wait for them to regenerate. This application typically isn't useful for Ripjaws as he can see in the dark fairly well.

An accident of his armoured hood is that it catches water, keeping him damp for longer out of water.


His large armour has two major vulnerabilities:

  1. His joints and non-armoured body parts are just as vulnerable as before.
  2. His armour increases his size somewhat, combined with its rigid nature, preventing him from squeezing through tight gaps as he would've been able too before. This is particularly problematic in underwater caves.



Ultimate Ripjaws is a free use alien, feel free to use him in your own series.


  • Ultimate Ripjaws' design is based on Dunkleosteus, an extinct species of armoured fish.
    • His colour scheme is based on the Pokemon Dracovish.
  • Ultimate Ripjaws' lineart was made by Aaron. His colour scheme was suggested by Off-the-grounder and realised by Bry.
  • Ultimate Ripjaws' design was created as a solution to the Lionfish infestation in the Eastern United States.
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