Ultimate Rebide

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General Information
Species Evolved Kirixian
Home World Cosorb
Body Translucent Catfish Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Energy Absorption
First Appearance Generations of Men: Part 2

Ultimate Rebide is the evolved form of Rebide from Earth-83.

He appears in Tech 10: Star Spirit and was planned to appear in the now-defunct Mack 10.


Ultimate Rebide's abilities include:

  • Enhanced Energy Absorption
    • Ultimate Rebide is able to absorb quite literally any kind of energy, be it thermal, kinetic, potential, etcetera. Absorbing different energy types can have varied effects on the target; for example, absorbing a target's kinetic energy will stop them in their tracks, whereas absorbing their potential energy will leave them unable to move until they produce more.
  • Energy Beams
  • Vibration Sensing


Ultimate Rebide resembles a larger, bulkier version of its unevolved form. It has four barbels, which it uses to craft the energy spheres and beams it fires, and its arms split at the elbow.

Like its unevolved form, it has no mouth, but has gained an eye in the center of its abdomen that is also capable of shooting energy beams, albeit without nearly as much dexterity as the barbels.


Ultimate Rebide is even slower and heavier than his original form, making any attempt at walking look like a somewhat humorous waddle.


Tech 10: Star Spirit

Mack 10

  • N/A


  • Much like its unevolved form, Ultimate Rebide wasn't based off of anything in particular, but is merely the result of drawing whatever came to mind at the time.

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