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Ultimate rath is the evolved form of rath

He is an alien in the multimatrix

He can destroy upchuck Norris easily.

He is the one true form of Ultimate Rath.


In his evolved form his orange fur now becomes silver, it is as hard as steel and can repeal most attacks.There are a little stripes on him which turn into steel bone fragments.Unlike his devolved form he has a tail with a mace on the end of it, it can turn into a spike and ax.He has become more muscular and taller and he has three long claws,where his one claw was they are white, his feet also have three long claws, on his head there are two long horns.His eyebrows form into horns also, he can go into tiger mode where he gets on all fours to increase his speed, in this mode he runs faster then a cheetah.

Powers and abilities[]

Supreme ultra mega strength

Supreme hearing

Ultra-supersonic howl

Can sprout spikes on his eyebrows and head

Can shoot out spikes on his eyebrows and head

Can shoot energy out of spikes on his eyebrows and head

Supreme sight

Can create shockwaves

Can create energy shockwaves

Tail swipe

Strong tail


Sharp claws

Sharp teeth

Strength grows the more angry he gets

Supreme agility

Can turn stripes into steel claws and shoot them out and shoot energy out of them

Can shoot claws out and shoot energy out of them

Energy bite

Hard skin

Laser eyes

Supreme speed

Can grow teeth and claws

Size manipulation

Can sprout quills and shoot them out and shoot energy out of them

Supreme smell

Supreme durability

Expert fighter

Can turn claw into anything he wants


Can shoot energy out of omnitrix

Can swim

Can grow claws anywhere

Can sprout tail

Able to sprout a mace,and spike at the end of tail

Can shoot energy out of mouth

Able to ram people

Can survive a G-force drop

Cam mimic other cats


Now in his ultimate form he is now even more hard to control and attacks everything.And he now only uses blunt rage to attack and not think things through,which makes it easy to manipulate him in battle.He also has a sensitive nose so things that can overwhelm him,such as a loud frequency will cause him trouble.Strangely he is not affected by his own sonic howl even though that's a high frequency.


Evolved appoplexian

Known evolved appoplexians[]

Dante Meyers


He will appear in my new show Ben 10 multiverse,and whoever wants to use him,but you have to give me full credit.


He wears the omni-suit in the way wolverine wears his suit.

Him and wolverine now look almost alike.

He is one of Dante's most strongest aliens.

He is able to sprout a spike through his palm,and on the palm of his foot to climb.