Brandon 10 (Reboot)
Season 2, Episode 8
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Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Ultimate Prize is the 21st episode of the rebooted series, Brandon 10.


At a unique-looking fortress of some sorts, a faint roaring sound can be heard with spotlights shining up from within the fortress, itself. Inside the fortress, a wheel can be seen turning as a motorcycle reeves up. The driver is none other than an Extreme Biker. A couple more of them are seen cheering him on while more motorcycles can be seen performing stunts on several different obstacles within the fortress. On a metallic platform above the obstacle space, a figure in metallic armor can be seen watching over the Extreme Bikers.

Figure: Yes… continue training, my young bikers. For soon, soon, we shall have access to one of the greatest treasures this world can ever manifest.

An Extreme Biker rushes up the stairs and stops before the metallic figure.

Extreme Biker: My King.

The figure turns, showing a taller and more armored version of an Extreme Biker.

Extreme Biker King: Speak.

Extreme Biker: We’ve been training for quite a while now. I was wondering- if we could uh- you know-

Extreme Biker King: What?

Extreme Biker: Erm- take a break. Maybe go and rob some stuff or something.

Extreme Biker King: Take a break… Take a break?! This kind of opportunity is one that we have been waiting! And it will not come again. No… you will keep on training. But perhaps a little field work wouldn’t be too bad.

He turns back to the platform, watching the Extreme Bikers train below.

Extreme Biker: Y-Yes, of course, my King. Anything you say.

Extreme Biker King: That… is what I want to hear, young biker. You are dismissed, prepare yourself for the upcoming event.

Extreme Biker: Yes, my King.

The biker get ups and turns to leave but the Extreme Biker King raises his arm.

Extreme Biker King: One more thing before you go, young biker.

The biker stops and looks back at the Extreme Biker King.

Extreme Biker King: You will rest when I say you can rest. Ask me for a break again…

The Extreme Biker turns back to the Extreme Biker and aims his gauntlet at him. He then turns it slightly, causing it to glow. He then fires an energy blast from the gauntlet which throws the Extreme Biker back into one of the walls of the fortress.

Extreme Biker King: ...and I shall be the one breaking you.

Extreme Biker, getting up, weakly: Ye-Yes, my King. (coughs)

The Extreme Biker picks himself up and holds his side as he leaves the King’s presence. The Extreme Biker King then turns back slightly, raising his other hand; in it, a flyer with the words, “Race of a Lifetime” on the top.

Extreme Biker King: Soon, the reward… the ultimate power… will be mine!

He then crushes the flyer in his grasp.

Theme Song

In town, a video game store, Game Center, is seen among other shops like a barber and a pizza place. Inside, Brandon can be seen trying out a demo game which seems to be about go-kart racing.

Brandon, tapping the controller: Yes, yes! Come on, red racer! Dodge the pods, doge the pods!

An explosion occurs on the screen, causing the red racer to flip out and crash. “GAME OVER” appears on the screen now.

Brandon: Aw man! Those darn blue pods teleporting out of nowhere.

Game Center Employee: Alright, that’s enough for you, kid.

Brandon: Aw come on. Just one more round, please.

Game Center Employee: You said that two rounds ago. Face it, you’re not that great at racing games. That’s totally fine, there are plenty of other games to get here.

Brandon: Was that advice or were you trying to sell me something?

Game Center Employee: (sigh) Look, if you wanna get good at the game, you need to practice. That’s all.

Brandon: So are you saying I can practice here for another hour?

Game Center Employee: Off.

Brandon: Gah, fine.

Brandon lets go of the controller and it dangles from the demo station. Brandon crosses his arms and walks up with a grumpy expression on his face. He steps out of the store, upset but soon disappointed.

Brandon: I guess I could just get the game for myself. But those demos are always so much fun to play in the store.

Some screaming is then heard, catching Brandon’s attention. He turns his head and sees some citizens running down the sidewalk past him, nearly knocking him over.

Brandon: Hey, what gives?

The citizens don’t reply and just keep on running forward. Brandon looks back after hearing a revving sound. He then sees a series of motorcycles driving through the street. Some diverge from the main group and drive onto the sidewalk, intercepting people and knocking them over. Others ride off into store fronts, crashing through the glass windows and driving through the store, causing havoc. A few motorcycles drive by Brandon, who turns to watch them drive off. In slow motion, Brandon looks and sees that an Extreme Biker is driving one of the motorcycles, who looks slowly over at Brandon at the same instance. Now in regular time, the motorcycles drive off with quick speed.

Brandon: Those guys again? As if trashing kids’ birthday parties wasn’t bad enough, now they’re wrecking the whole town!

More of the Bikers are seen, performing stunts on the store rooftops and flipping off of them, landing on one wheel on the street. Bikers cheer them on while others continue to terrorize the citizens. Brandon clutches both of his hands into fists and looks at them all with an upset look.

Brandon: Looks like it’s time to teach these guys some manners.

Brandon activates the Omnitrix and scrolls through the dial, passing through a Gasadactyl and Wildpup silhouette. He stops at the Ro-Warasaur silhouette and looks up. Brandon then dashes into the nearby alleyway and, soon enough, a green flash erupts from within it. Ro-Warasaur then tries squeezing out of the alleyway due to his massive size.

Ro-Warasaur: Ugh… I guess I didn’t really think this one through. (sigh)

Some Extreme Bikers are seen driving by the alleyway, a moment later, when a large hand stretches out before them.

Extreme Bikers: GAAH!

The hand smacks their bikes back, causing some to flip out and crash. Two Extreme Bikers lay on the street, holding their heads, while a third one gets up and tries to raise his bike from the ground. The giant, green hand then comes over them, casting a shadow over them.

Extreme Biker: AAHH!

The third Extreme Biker runs off in surprise, dropping his bike in the process. The hand then lowers and grabs the two Bikers in one motion. Ro-Warasaur lifts them into the air and drops them on the other side of his body, into the alleyway. They drop of their feet and start to run off.

Ro-Warasaur: Oh no you don’t!

Ro-Warasaur reaches down and picks up a dumpster. He then tosses the dumpster ahead and it crashes down before the Extreme Bikers. They stop and turn back to Ro-Warasaur.

Ro-Warasaur: I’m not done with you two yet.

Ro-Warasaur turns his head after hearing more revving noises. He then leans forward and looks outside of the alleyway, seeing a bunch of Extreme Bikers approaching his direction. He squirms and manages to get a shoulder free. He then fires a few cannonballs from his shoulders, which collide into the middle of the biker group. Some of them crash while the rest evade his attacks and decide to turn around, retreating. The ones that have fallen over pick up their bikes and hop on, driving off. Ro-Warasaur then turns back to the alleyway and sees the two Extreme Bikers attempting to climb the dumpster.

Ro-Warasaur: Hey! You so much as try to escape and you’ll get a cannonball as a new helmet!

The two Extreme Bikers then stop.

Extreme Biker: What do you even want from us?

Ro-Warasaur: Information. Like first of all, why are you guys even rampaging through the town?

Extreme Biker: Do we need an excuse?

Extreme Biker 2: Y-Yeah, we’re the Extreme Bikers, yo!

Ro-Warasaur: I know you guys do stupid stuff but never this big. Something’s happening and you’re going to tell me.

Extreme Biker: We’re not telling you anything, bro.

Extreme Biker 2: Yeah, you won’t know anything about the race.

Ro-Warasaur: Wait, what race?

Extreme Biker: Dude! Come on!

Extreme Biker 2: Sorry, sorry.

Ro-Warasaur: So you’re doing this all for a race? What’s the point of that?

Extreme Biker: Alright, so you know about the race. But you won’t get anything else out of us.

Extreme Biker 2: Yeah! You can’t even begin to imagine what the ultimate prize might be.

Ro-Warasaur: So that’s why you’re racing. Because of this ultimate prize, right?

Extreme Biker: What are you doing, man? What part of don’t tell him anything don’t you understand?

Extreme Biker 2: Sorry, man, I’m really trying here!

Ro-Warasaur: Tell me what the ultimate prize is.

Extreme Biker: We don’t know nothing, man.

Extreme Biker 2: Yeah, we really don’t.

Ro-Warasaur: Oh.

Extreme Biker 2: But isn’t it like rumored to be a super weapon or something? I thought that’s why the boss wanted it so badly.

The first Extreme Biker turns slowly to the second, who just looks at him.

Extreme Biker: Just shut up, alright? Just shut up! Don’t even say anything anymore!

Extreme Biker 2: S-Sorry, man. I’ll um- I’ll stop talking now.

Extreme Biker, turning back to Ro-Warasaur: Like I said before, man, you won’t get anything out of us.

Extreme Biker 2: Y-Yeah!

Ro-Warasaur: Well, I can assume you’re out here causing havoc because you’re training for some weird race where the winner is awarded a super prize which could probably be a weapon. Yeah, yeah- okay, that seems doable. Yeah, I’m gonna have to stop this from happening.

Extreme Biker: Pft! You can’t stop the race. Not even we know who designed it. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity right here so you better believe that the mystery dude is gonna rearrange it even if you manage to stop it from happening. And by then, you won’t even be able to stop that one.

Ro-Warasaur: You might be right… but that just gives me an idea. So thanks for the help, guys. You’ve been very helpful.

Ro-Warasaur uses his fingers to smack their heads together, knocking them out.

Ro-Warasaur: Heh.

Soon enough, the Omnitrix flashes red and starts beeping. Within an instant, Ro-Warasaur transforms back into Brandon. Brandon rubs his shoulder and moves his arm around.

Brandon: Oh, it feels good to get out of that spot!

After he stretches, he moves into a more thoughtful look.

Brandon: What I really need to do is find out more about this race…

Brandon looks down and sees a flyer close to the hand of one of the fallen Extreme Bikers. He reaches down and picks it up from the ground before reading it.

Brandon, reading: “Race of a Lifetime. Come one, come all for the chance to win true, ultimate power by entering in one of the greatest races this world has ever come close to witnessing…”

Brandon lowers the flyer and looks at the Extreme Bikers.

Brandon: Hmm…

Later, at Brandon’s Lab, Computer can be seen scanning and analyzing the flyer. Brandon kicks his feet up on the desk while he sits back in the chair.

Brandon: So, you find out anything from the flyer, Computer?

Computer: Yes. Plenty of things, actually. The flyer, itself, is made out of a unique form of paper and the ink used is also of a rare commodity.

Brandon: I meant any info you can gather from the flyer about the race and this so-called ultimate prize.

Computer: Ah, that. The person or organization that has organized this event is unknown to any persons in any database I can access. It is also appears that this flyer has been handed out to quite a number of notorious characters with infamous reputations.

Brandon: So lots of bad guys… Got it.

Computer: Perhaps they were invited to join this race because they had both the means and the motivation to obtain the ultimate prize.

Brandon: It’s a weapon, right?

Computer: Unknown. But the rumours circulating around this ultimate prize do seem to indicate that it is indeed a weapon of some sorts, capable of granting its users ultimate power. Whatever type of power that is is bound to bring about a series of conflict onto the world considering the competition.

Brandon: Which is why I have to enter the race. They left behind an address and it seems that whoever has a flyer is invited to join in. Should be as simple as that.

Computer: While that does seem to be the best solution, there is one problem. You are a child and can not drive a proper vehicle needed to participate in the race.

Brandon: You’ve… got a point there. (sigh)

Computer: You also do not have a vehicle in your possession.

Brandon: Yeah, there’s that too. Uh… well, maybe I can invent something. I’ve made a few things already like the clone machine and the second Omnitrix.

Computer: Which have presented their own set of issues.

Brandon: That’s besides the point, Computer. What I’m saying is, I can still make a car or a truck or something I can use in the race.

Computer: While you succeeded in making your point, you have failed to realize that you still won’t be able to drive any of those if you wish to follow the laws.

Brandon: (sigh) Alright, well- I guess we’ll just sit on it for now.

Computer: The race is this weekend so I’m afraid there is not much time to, as you put it, sit on it.

Brandon: Well, I come up with a lot of ideas. I’m sure we’ll figure something out. But you know what really helps with my thinking process? Video games!

Computer: That actually seems like it would have the opposite effect on you.

Brandon: Computer, pull up Kart Derby 2.

Computer: Brandon. I am an advanced, genetically modified super-computer that can assist on several different tasks and maintain the lab’s environment. I am not designed to simply “pull up” video games.

Brandon: I’m playing video games for uh… for science!

Computer is silent for a moment.

Brandon: I appreciate what you do for me and understand that you’re a super powerful and awesome computer that can do a lot of things. But can I please just play some video games for a bit?

Computer: I don’t recommend such use but you are my owner and you did use the term, please, in your request.

Computer pulls up Kart Derby 2 on the screen. Brandon punches the air and leans forward in his chair, towards the keyboard. He then starts playing the game, using the keyboard and mouse respectively in order to control the red racer character on the screen as he races through a rainbow-themed obstacle course.

Brandon: I’m so close to getting my high score in this game. And then when the next one comes out, I can try out the new racers!

The red racer then passes through the finish line, getting second place. The blue racer dances with a trophy in hand while the red racer looks disappointed in the background.

Brandon: Aw man… Second place, again?

Computer: Perhaps you should try using a different technique. I have just finished downloading a series of video game tips, maneuvers and guides based around this game if you ever require any assistance.

Brandon: I’m good, Computer, I want to be able to earn this one. But maybe you’re right. Maybe I should try a different racer or something.

Brandon goes to a different screen, showcasing the ten available racers including the red and blue racer; two of them are still locked.

Brandon: Guess I’ll go with the green racer and see if he has any better vehicles.

Brandon selects the green racer and moves on to the next screen, where he can select a vehicle. The first vehicle is a fortified car.

Brandon: Too heavy.

He moves to the next, showing a futuristic motorcycle.

Brandon: Nah.

He then moves onto the final vehicle; a go-kart.

Brandon: The green racer’s signature go-kart… Hm…

Computer: The stats on this vehicle make it a well-balanced one.

Brandon: I’m not really thinking about the game right now, Computer. Go-Kart… that just might work, won’t it?

Computer: I don’t believe I understand, Brandon.

Brandon: The race for the ultimate prize. Can I enter the race with a go-kart?

Computer: Children of your age are allowed to ride in go-karts and if you want to actually drive it on the streets or in a race, you will need the proper registration. Registration that I have taken the liberty of authorizing.

Brandon smiles at Computer then turns his chair over to the workbenches and scrap piles across the room.

Brandon: Let’s go win this race.

Later, on the actual race track, the roads are sandy and concrete with a whole set up including bleachers and a commentary box, with a man in there. On the starting line, there are a series of vehicles- some look advanced while others look unique. The Extreme Bikers pull up to the finish line with a group of motorcycles with a larger and more armored cycle in the center; each cycle operated by a member of the Extreme Bikers- with the larger one driven by the Extreme Biker King, himself. The Extreme Bikers rev up their cycles, causing the other racers to look at them with threatening looks. The Extreme Biker glances away from them and simply looks straight ahead at the course before them.

Extreme Biker King: The competition seems quite interesting… but lacking in one thing. The extremity needed to win this race.

The speakers then crackle for a brief second.

Speaker, in a distorted voice: The race is about to commence. All racers must assemble at the starting line.

Extreme Biker: This race seems like a piece of cake, especially after all that training we did.

Extreme Biker King: Yes, it does. I’ve trained you all to be the best humanity has to often. And while this group consists of the best bikers for this race, don’t let our advantage blind you into underestimating our opponents.

Extreme Biker: O-Of course, my King.

In the commentary box, there’s a lanky man in a sweater vest with shaggy, brown hair and freckles. He taps against the mic, reacting against the outgoing static then leans forward in his chair.

Man, over the mic: H-Hello? You guys reading me? Yeah, I think it’s working. Ahem! (clears throat) Welcome everyone to the greatest race you’ve ever been invited to and have every bit of gratitude for being able to attend! We have nine racers all ready to race and soon enough the race will commence at the word of our glorious sponsor, the one who had organized this incredible event.

Extreme Biker King, under his breath: The mysterious individual behind this race…

Man, over the speakers: I hardly know him myself but I am here, on their behalf, to announce for this race. So uh- hi, I’m your announcer for this evening. Anyways, I hope you’re all sitting comfortably and are ready to dive into this incredible ra-

A loud revving is heard, cutting the announcer off.

Announcer: Wha-?

All of the racers turn their heads, one by one, to their right. A smoke trial is then seen following a vehicle up a hill as it climbs up and onto the race track. The vehicle, still shrouded by the smoke from its exhaust, drifts- uneasily and sharply- before speeding forward, exiting the smoke cloud. The vehicle, glistening from the sun rays, is a green and black Go-Kart, with Brandon in the driver’s seat. Soon enough, the Go-Kart pulls up to the starting line, next to the ninth car.

Announcer, over the speakers: Well, it uh- it seems that we now have a tenth racer.

The speakers then cut off to the same distorted voice over the speakers.

Speaker: The race will now commence.

The Announcer then returns to the speaker.

Announcer, over the speakers: Uh- ye-yeah. What they said.

One of the Extreme Bikers look over and sees Brandon in the driver’s seat.

Extreme Biker: Heh, look at that, my King. There’s a kid over there, as the newest racer. I guess anyone and everyone is interested in that ultimate prize.

The Extreme Biker King turns and looks over at the tenth racer, Brandon, who just glares over at them. The Extreme Biker King lets out a low grunt.

Extreme Biker King: Keep an eye on that child.

Extreme Biker: W-What?

Extreme Biker King: Did I stutter? Look out for the kid!

The Extreme Biker King turns back to look ahead of himself.

Extreme Biker King: There’s more to him than meets the eye.

Announcer, getting himself together, over the speakers: The race- (clears throat) The race will now commence. I hope you’re all buckled up because you guys and gals are about to step it to the metal! So rev up your engines!

The racers do as they’re asked and rev up the engines on their vehicles. They also use this chance to glare at one another once again with several grunts and grumbles from some of the racers there.

Announcer, over the speakers: Get ready!

The Extreme Biker King revs up his motorcycle once more, looking straight ahead.

Announcer, over the speakers: Get set!

Brandon revs up his engines once more, looking straight ahead with a determined look.

Announcer, over the speakers: GO!

Several gas pedals are then slammed on, with the racers soon taking off from the starting line and racing forwards- onto the course ahead of them. The Extreme Bikers stay close together in their group and use their mass to keep the competition at bay. Brandon speeds up ahead of one of the cars in the race and drives around another. Inside, Brandon is shifting gears and turning the wheels with a concentrated expression.

Brandon, driving: Okay, okay- never realized how hard is it to actually drive before.

He takes a few seconds to take a breather before opening his eyes and looking down for a split second.

Brandon, driving: Computer, you there?

Before Brandon, on the advanced dashboard, is a small screen which soon turns on- showing a light blue screen with the words Computer Interface on it in a dark blue color.

Computer, via screen: Welcome to the Gyroscopic Operated Kinetic Acceleration Racing Transport, otherwise known as the Go-Kart. Would you like a tutorial on how to operate this vehicle?

Brandon, driving: Ha-Ha, real funny, Computer. I know this is because I wanted to play video games on you earlier.

Computer, via screen: I only thought that your excessive usage of these video games would mean you would prefer to have elements from those games in other activities. After all, I did download those video game techniques just before we began work on the Go-Kart design.

Brandon, driving: So that explains why it took so long downloading your programming into the Go-Kart’s wireless screen. I’m just surprised that we’re able to get you in here and back at the lab almost at the same time.

Computer, via screen: Isn’t technology just fascinating? So, Brandon, would be requiring use of a tutorial for driving the Go-Kart?

Brandon, driving: Well, funny enough, I know how to drive stuff like this from those video games at the arcades with the car seats and the wheels. This isn’t too different, as long as I don’t crash…

Computer, via screen: As I stated earlier, this kart is designed with gyroscopes that balance out the vehicle. You shouldn’t be able to crash from drifting, turning or even a sudden force- unless, of course, that force is excessive and continuous.

Brandon, driving: So they’re like training wheels…

Computer, via screen: In a manner of speaking, yes.

Brandon, driving: (sigh) well, I don’t even have my license yet so maybe that’s for the best. Just don’t tell Coco about that, would ya?

Brandon presses down on the pedal and drives just a little bit faster. The Extreme Biker King glances back, seeing the Go-Kart among the other racers. He then turns back and looks over at the Extreme Biker next to him.

Extreme Biker King: We can not let the other racers have a fair chance at winning the ultimate prize if it really is to be a source for ultimate power. You know what to do.

The Extreme Bikers nod as they continue driving forward as a group. The racers seem to be around the same area within the race, with the Extreme Bikers decreasing speed- submerging themselves deep within the heat of the action. They then break off from the group, with each Biker tailing and driving alongside another racer.

Trucker Racer: What’s going on?!

Race Car Racer: Yeah, what’s the meaning of this?

The Extreme Bikers then press a button on their motorcycle which activate spikes on the side of their tires. They then lean in and slash the tires of the other racers’ vehicles, causing them to wipe out and crash. Brandon makes a hard turn as he narrowly avoids one of the Extreme Bikers.

Brandon: Looks like they’re using dirty tricks to win this one!

Computer: Something that we had planned for, no less.

Brandon: Maybe but there’s a better way to deal with cheaters.

Two Extreme Bikers drive up and ride alongside each side of the Go-Kart. Brandon looks out of the dome window around him and sees them on his left and right side. They then pull out their blades which soon ignite with a fierce energy.

Computer: Do I need to remind you that this vehicle currently has no defenses?

Brandon: Don’t worry, I’ll fix that soon enough.

Brandon hits a button on the dashboard and the dome around him starts to open up. The Extreme Biker seem a little caught off guard by this but quickly shake the feeling off and start to lean in close with their weapons. Brandon activates the Omnitrix and turns the dial several times before smacking it down with his hand. As the dome continues to open, a green flash erupts from within the vehicle. The Extreme Bikers continue their strike with their energy blades, only for them to strike against a diamond-like surface.

Extreme Biker: Huh?

The Biker looks up and sees Diamondhead blocking the strike with his arm. He then pushes the Biker back, knocking him off of his motorcycle. He then turns around and kicks the second Extreme Biker who leans away but manages to regain his balance. The Extreme Biker, still on his cycle, activating his wheel spikes and prepares to drive around the Go-Kart, as if to scratch the exterior deeply. Diamondhead steps forward, onto the hood slightly, and reaches his arms out- growing diamonds down his arms and extending them forwards. He continues doing this until they start to form some kind of shield before the Go-Kart’s front, causing the wheel spike to scratch only the diamond until they screech and break off from the motorcycle. The Extreme Biker then wobbles for a bit but regains his balance again. He glances over at Diamondhead before revving his engine and driving ahead.

Diamondhead, reducing the diamond shield from his arms: Well, that’s one problem averted.

Diamondhead is then shot from behind but the projectiles bounce off of him.

Diamondhead: Ack! Hey!

Diamondhead turns around sharply and his eyes widen. Behind him, there are three other vehicles; a hovercraft, an armored car and a tank. The hovercraft has a turret attached to its front which fires rapidly at Diamondhead, while the tank turns its turret and launches a missile at the Go-Kart. Diamondhead widens his arm into a shield to block off the projectiles while the missile misses, hitting only close to Go-Kart. The kart goes off balance only slightly before re-stabilizing itself onto the track.

Diamondhead: How’s it going, Computer?

Computer: Autopilot is engaged. Although, the term does not seem to be fitting in a literal sense as Go-Karts do not operate with pilots like flying vessels do.

Diamondhead: Just keep us in the race. I’ll try to get these guys off our backs!

Diamondhead turns back to the three vehicles behind them and squints.

Diamondhead: Those cars are just as armored as I am. So if I’m going to attack, I need to find their weak point.

The turret on the hovercraft appears to be wielded poorly while the armored car has its engine exposed and the tank has a wiring panel barely open.

Diamondhead: Gotcha!

Diamondhead then lowers his shield and throws his arm forward. He aims quickly and fires a few projectiles in specific directions. A couple hit the turret on the hovercraft, causing it to break off, leaving the hovercraft without a means to fire at the other racers. Most of the projectiles focus on the exposed engine, damaging it and causing it to smoke up. The last of the projectiles, only a small few, breach the wiring panel, creating sparks and even more smoke. The smoke from both vehicles cover up the scene; the last thing being seen from them is the hovercraft drifting off to the side, the armored car stopping abruptly and the tank pulling off to the side.

Diamondhead: Phew! Looks like we lost them.

Another missile is then fired from the smoke; again, just barely missing the Go-Kart. From the smoke, a fiery tank emerging, now at full throttle.

Computer: According to the kart’s sensors, we did not lose them at all.

Diamondhead: I can see that, Computer! Alright, you wanna play hardball? Then let’s raise the stakes!

Diamondhead raises his arms up and a diamond arm shoots out from the ground, grabbing hold of the tank and crushing it only slightly; making it immobile. Diamondhead then drops to one knee.

Diamondhead: Phew, that took some energy out of me.

Computer: I was not aware you could do something like that.

Diamondhead: Yeah, well, first time for everything.

The Omnitrix then starts flashing red and beeping before a final red flash turns Diamondhead back into Brandon. Brandon looks at himself and then climbs back into the driver’s seat, regaining control over the Go-Kart.

Brandon: Hopefully that should keep those other racers off of our tail.

Up ahead, the Extreme Bikers are close within the lead of the race, as most of them have re-grouped together around the Extreme Biker King. One of the Extreme Bikers pulls up and re-groups with the group, getting himself close to the King.

Extreme Biker: My King, one of our own were defeated and knocked from the race.

Extreme Biker King: It is to be expected. While you are all my best choices for racers in this competition, you are also far from becoming the best the Extreme Bikers have to offer the world around us. If you can not make it in the race, then your chances of making it to a role nearly as big as mine own are already lower than you probably expect them to be.

Extreme Biker: I understand, my King. But he was knocked out of the race by what looked like an alien, sir.

Extreme Biker King: So the rumors are true… very well. I can not wait to see this alien in person. But before then, we must prepare ourselves for the next obstacle within this race.

Extreme Biker: Ye-Yes, my King!

The Extreme Biker King revs up and speeds ahead. The other racers follow from behind with the race continuing after that sudden attack. Brandon manages to maneuver closer ahead in the Go-Kart.

Brandon, driving: Alright, looks like we should be in the clear for now.

Computer, via screen: I am not too sure about that, Brandon.

Brandon, driving: Why's that?

Computer, via screen: According to this kart's sensors, we are approaching a rather large body of water.

Brandon: I'm pretty sure the Go-Kart can handle a puddle.

The racers drift around a corner and move down a slope which leads straight into a river with rapid tides. Across the river, the track continues. Brandon looks ahead, surprised, as he drives towards the river.

Brandon, driving: Okay! Not a puddle!

Brandon tries stirring off but the rock wall on the left side and the slope edge on the right make it impossible to go anywhere else.

Computer, via screen: If you are attempting to redirect the vehicle, I'm afraid the only way to avoid the water is backwards but if you take that direction-

Brandon, driving: We pretty much forfeit the race, I know. Ugh... there's gotta be something else we can do.

Brandon looks down at the techno-like dashboard and flicks some switches.

Brandon, driving: Activate deep sea mode!

Computer, via screen: We built this Go-Kart quickly so it only has basic functions with the addition of some other features that we've installed.

Brandon, driving: Which means...

Computer, via screen: The switches you're flicking don't do anything.

Brandon, driving: Oh.

The hovercraft passes by the Go-Kart and speeds forwards, onto the water- racing onto it.

Extreme Biker: Sir, the other vehicles are starting to surpass us.

Extreme Biker King: Patience, young Biker. They may have an advantage... but so do we. Activate the Extreme Raft systems!

Extreme Bikers: Yes, my King!

The Extreme Bikers, now huddled together, reach for the back of the Extreme Biker King's motorcycle and open a panel, showing some controls and advanced technology wired up to the ride. In turn, they operate the controls in a specific sequence then close the panel afterwards. The motorcycle excess wiring lights up and the motorcycle begins to transform. The wheels shift upwards while a inflation device unloads from underneath the motorcycle. The Bikers then ride into the water with the motorcycle floating ahead. However, they seem to just drift forward slowly until the Extreme Biker King revs up the motorcycle twice and a flaming thrust ignites from the boosters in the exhaust pipes; propelling the Bikers ahead. Back on the slope down into the river, Brandon- apparently the last activate racer- struggling going down the slope as he heads for the river.

Computer, via screen: The Go-Kart is not built to sustain water travel. If we hit the river, the wiring, systems and engines would become flooded and overload; rendering the vehicle useless to any racing conditions. Perhaps, it is finally time to use that system that we had prepared.

Brandon: No, it's still way too early into the race. There has be another way over the river!

Computer, via screen: But there is no conventional way over the river. You have to go through it and that appears to be impossible in the current state of yourself and the vehicle.

Brandon: In my current state... yeah. Reel down the window, I have a plan.

Computer, via screen: Usually that is not something one would do before plunging into a river but I trust that your plan would suffice.

The dome around Brandon starts to unreel and Brandon stands from the driver's seat. He raises his arm and looks at the Omnitrix, which is still recharging. He then looks ahead of himself, seeing the river approaching closer and closer.

Brandon: Come on, come on...

Brandon nervously looks at the Omnitrix as the river grows closer. Then, in an instant, the Omnitrix flashes green and beeps.

Brandon: Yes!

Brandon activates the Omnitrix and turns the dial a few times.

Computer, via screen: Brandon.

Brandon, turning the dial: I know.

Computer, via screen: Brandon.

Brandon, turning the dial: I know!

Computer, via screen: Brandon, the river is-

Brandon, turning the dial: I know! (stops at the Aqualad silhouette) Gotcha!

He smacks the column down and is engulfed in a green flash before transforming into Aqualad. The Go-Kart then dives right into the river with Aqualad along for the ride. Bubbles rise up onto the surface until they vanish. Up ahead, the remaining racers- the hovercraft, the Extreme Bikers and some racers in dark outfits with mechanical cars levitating above the water- continue racing ahead. One of the Extreme Bikers looks back at the other racers and turns ahead to the Extreme Biker King.

Extreme Biker: Sir, looks like we lost that Go-Kart.

Extreme Biker King: Looks can be deceiving, young Biker. All that we need to concern ourselves with is earning that ultimate prize by winning this race.

Extreme Biker: Yes, my King!

The Bikers continue racing forwards until the tides start shifting towards their way.

Extreme Biker: Whoa! The tides! What's happening?!

The other racers are soon hit by the tides which seem to circle around into a watery vortex. At the center of the vortex, a water bubble rises up with the Go-Kart inside. Green eyes then appear on the water bubble which soon splashes down into the river, returning it to a more stable stream.

Extreme Biker: What- What was that?

The other bikers start mumbling amongst themselves while the Extreme Biker King fixes his position on his motorcycle. He then turns his head and sees Aqualad carrying the Go-Kart in his protected water bubble as he surfs across the river. Aqualad glances over at the Extreme Biker King and the two of them exchange glances slowly. Afterwards, Aqualad continues ahead, surpassing the Extreme Bikers.

Extreme Biker King: So... we finally meet, at last.

The Extreme Biker King lets out a light chuckle before revving up his motorcycle twice, re-engaging the thrusters in the back. He then propels the Bikers forwards with the hovercraft and the other racers approaching from behind. At the end of the river, Aqualad splashes onto the track and reforms around the Go-Kart so that there is no water surrounding it anymore.

Computer, via screen: A clever idea manipulating the water so that it would not fry any of the Go-Kart's systems while also using your control over water to move us across the river.

Aqualad: Well, that's what some games do for their infamous water levels. I just did it cooler.

The Extreme Bikers soon surpass Aqualad.

Aqualad: Uh- was that-?

Computer, via screen: The Extreme Bikers surpassing us while we were in the middle of conversation? Yes. I suggest we continue the race and talk later.

Aqualad: Good idea, except I can't really touch any of the controls since- and this is probably the best way to even say this- my hands are wet.

Computer, via screen: Then I'll drive.

Aqulad: Wait, wha-

The Go-Kart sparks alive and drives ahead on it's own.

Aqulad, being slung backwards: -AAAAAAHH!

Aqualad pulls himself together and hangs onto the side of the cart as it speeds ahead.

Extreme Biker, looking back: That Go-Kart is catching up to us, my King!

Extreme Biker King: Time to resort to some more unconventional means. Bring out the arsenal.

The Extreme Bikers nod in unison and reach over to the side of their bikes. They press a button and a compartment pops outwards. They reach inside and pull out purple plasma rifles. They then turn back and fire at the Go-Kart. The Go-Kart attempts to maneuver around the blasts but take some hits.

Computer, via screen: It appears that we're being shot at.

Aqualad: I've noticed. Can you avoid them?

Computer, via screen: I am trying to but the flexibility of the vehicle is not too great.

Aqualad: Luckily for us, that's not a problem for water.

Aqualad stretches his arms out and uses them to whack away the blasts but, at the very best, the blasts hit the ends of his arms instead, splattering them into water vapor, rather than hitting the Go-Kart. The racers in the mechanical, levitating vehicles look at each other then turn ahead, accelerating forwards. They then surpass the Go-Kart and move towards the Extreme Bikers.

Extreme Bikers: Those other racers are coming right for us!

Extreme Biker King: Hmm... It seems that I may have overlooked one detail. The other racers- are not other racers! (grunts)

The mysterious racers on the mechanical rides lift their hands from the wheel and point them ahead, firing lasers from their hands at the Extreme Bikers.

Extreme Biker King: Enough! Bring out the heavy artillery!

Extreme Bikers, in unison: Yes, my King!

The Extreme Bikers come together and reach for the back of the Extreme Biker King's motorcycle and access the panel they had accessed before. They type in another sequence and close the panel after their use. The motorcycle then transforms again; with the back part extending backwards and outwards to reveal a hidden section with a platform of some sorts, with a heavy weapon and some more compartments connected to it, to rise up. The Extreme Biker King presses the two handles together until they lock in place and light up. He then lets go of the cycle and climbs up onto the platform to claim the use of the heavy weapon. The weapon fires up and starts firing rapidly at the other racers. Aqualad's eyes widen and he expands himself around the Go-Kart, taking in the projectiles from the heavy weapon on their super-cycle. The racers on the mechanical vehicles are shot up and break up into pieces with their vehicles erupting into small explosions. The hovercraft speeds over their robotic remains but is also shot up in the cross-fire. The inflated part surrounding the craft pops and the air from within gusts out, causing the hovercraft to spin out of control and skid off to the side of the track. The Extreme Biker reach into the hidden compartments and pull out high-tech gernades, tossing them ahead at Aqualad's bubble. They slide into the watery bubble then explode, causing the explode to pop and Aqualad to splattering across the road. The Go-Kart skids to the side of the track as well. The Extreme Biker King contorts into laughter and climbs back onto his seat on the main part of their super-cycle.

Extreme Biker King: Now then, let us claim that ultimate prize without any more distractions! (laughs)

He races on ahead with the Extreme Bikers. Little puddles are seen on the track which soon flow towards a specific direction. They soon come back together to reform Aqualad who transforms back into Brandon. Brandon holds his head and groans.

Brandon: Ugh... I've got a wicked headache...

He then realizes something and snaps out of his little funk.

Brandon: The Go-Kart! Computer!

Brandon gets up and dashes over to the Go-Kart in a small ditch by the side of the track. He slides in and leans onto the side of the Go-Kart. The screen is fuzzy.

Brandon: Computer, come in! Computer!

The screen then comes clear again.

Computer, via screen: I was wondering when you were going to arrive.

Brandon: Alright, no need for any comebacks. We've got a race to win.

Computer, via screen: It appears that the Go-Kart is in a ditch.

Brandon: Can you drive the Go-Kart out of the ditch?

Computer, via screen: I highly doubt it. You need to find some machinery to help move the Go-Kart out of the ditch. And I suggest you hurry if you still want to win this race.

Brandon: But we're in the middle of the race track. There's not going to be any machinery out here. (thinks) Wait a minute... I got another idea, just stay put.

Brandon climbs out of the ditch and runs back to the track.

Computer, via screen: There aren't a lot of other options at the moment...

Back on the track, Brandon finds himself on it again and looks around until he sees the robotic parts left behind on the track. He runs over to them and drops down onto the track. He reaches for the pieces and lifts them up to examine them more thoroughly. Some of them appear like robotic limbs while others are just broken-up pieces of machinery with racing gear wrapped around them.

Brandon, looking at a robotic arm: Yeah, this just might work.

Brandon puts the arm down and comes across a racing helmet.

Brandon: Huh? Oh hey, cool!

Brandon picks it up and looks at himself in the reflection, only for the visor to come up, showing the robotic head inside- looking right at him.

Brandon: GAH!

Robotic Head: What- What are you doing?

Brandon looks at the head, attempting to hide his fear but swallows and looks at it more confidently.

Brandon: I'm going to use your remaining parts to fix my Go-Kart. I'm sorry, but you need to understanding that I have to win that race.

Robotic Head: Why?

Brandon: Huh?

Robotic Head: Why- Why do you have to win this race?

Brandon: I'm not doing it for myself. You see there are these uh-

He looks down and holds the head in one hand as he picks up some parts with the other.

Brandon: These bad guys, the Extreme Bikers, who terrorize people. I'm afraid that with the ultimate prize they might be able to do a lot more than that. Wait, you and those other robot racers were trying to stop him before, weren't you? But why?

Robotic Head: There- There is mystery surrounding this race... and it will remain there. So says the Organizer, the one who organized this race.

Brandon: So the Organizer sent you. But you didn't- urk-

He holds the robotic head under his arm pit as he collects more parts.

Brandon: You didn't really answer my question. Why stop them from winning the race? Why even participate in a race that you're apart of?

Robotic Head: You will find out- out- s-s- soon- eno- oug... h...

The head then deactivates. Brandon sighs then looses his grip on the head, causing it to drop down on to the track. He then looks down at the parts in his head and up ahead and the track that keeps on stretching. He looks over at the Go-Kart in the ditch and lets out another sigh.

Brandon: There are way too many miles to make up for. But I won't be able to catch up with them in this state. I need something more- I need-

He stops then looks back, seeing the busted mechanical rides in the short distance. He then turns back with a wide smile on his face. Later, ahead on the track, the Extreme Bikers continue racing ahead.

Extreme Biker King: I can just smell that prize.

Extreme Biker: Obstacle ahead, my King!

Before them, in the distance, is a large gap leading down to a deep and dark abyss. On the other side, the track continues on.

Extreme Biker King: Remember, Bikers, we've prepared for this and, without any opposing competition, we can successfully win this race and earn that ultimate prize for ourselves!

A boom is then heard from a distance away.

Extreme Biker King: Eh?

The Extreme Biker King glances back and sees the Go-Kart speeding ahead, with parts of the mechanical racers and their rides attached to the Go-Kart. The levitation systems seem to have been converted into a thrusting system of some sort, propelling the Go-Kart ahead in serious speed. Inside, Brandon is adjusting some of the controls underneath the dashboard as well as readjusting some of the wiring.

Brandon: How's it going, Computer?

Computer, via screen: The modifications seem to be stabilized enough for us to reach the Extreme Bikers. Although, I predict that they won't last us all the way to the end of the race.

Brandon: They've gave us a chance, that's all we need.

Computer, via screen: I'm inclined to disagree. Logically, we do need a great amount of things in order to win this race. But perhaps this is the logic of racing.

Brandon: Now you're getting it.

Brandon presses down on the gas pedal, throwing the Go-Kart into a sudden boost. The Extreme Bikers reach for their plasma rifles and fire at the Go-Kart.

Extreme Biker: Don't worry, my King, we'll blast them off the track for real this time!

Extreme Biker King: Nevermind the Go-Kart! Focus on the controls! We need to activate the systems ahead of time so we can cross this abyss. All that matters is crossing that finish line!

Extreme Bikers: Yes, my King!

They stop firing at return their plasma rifles to their compartments before reaching for the back panel of the main motorcycle. They then activate yet another sequence then close the panel afterwards. The Go-Kart continues speeding ahead until it hits a bump. The modifications then break loose and crash down onto the track with the Go-Kart speeding off, leaving them behind.

Computer, via screen: We've just lost the modifications but the mechanical repairs are still in place. We should be able to continue the race without any technical difficulties.

Brandon: Good but we've still got a massive pit to get across. And something tells me these guys have something up their sleeve for this too!

The motorcycle starts to transform yet again, with the wheels shifting to the side. Mechanical boards- that resemble skateboards- extend from underneath the motorcycle and a pulse erupts from the boards causing their super-motorcycle to levitate off the edge of the track and over the pit. The Extreme Biker King revs up the cycle once more, causing the thrusters to push the cycle ahead. The Go-Kart follows behind before quickly approaches the edge of the track.

Computer, via screen: There is always the additional system that we can use-

Brandon: Not yet! I've got another idea.

Computer, via screen: Would you like me to reel down the window dome?

Brandon: Yes, please.

The window dome starts to unreel and Brandon gets up from the seat. He activates the Omnitrix and turns the dial.

Brandon, raising his hand: Alright, here we g-

The Go-Kart then drives off the edge of the track without warning. Brandon falls back in his seat and yells out as the Go-Kart falls into the abyss.

Brandon: OOOOH!

The Extreme Biker King watches this from above and chuckles.

Brandon: Let us see you survive the abyss, child.

Soon enough, a small flash can be seen from within the pit.

Extreme Biker King: ...Huh?

A figure can be seen rising from the pit and, as they leave the darkness and fly up into the light, Stinkfly is now seen carrying the Go-Kart with his legs. He struggles though as the kart appears to be heavier than he expected.

Extreme Biker King, watching: Quite the transformation, indeed. But last I checked, you needed a vehicle in order to win a race. Bikers! Get that creature down there to lose its grip on that kart.

Extreme Bikers: Yes, my King!

They reach into their compartments and retrieve more of the grenades. They then toss them down into the abyss, more or less in Stinkfly's general direction. Stinkfly just barely misses the first couple which explodes close to him. He then looks up and fires goo-projectiles from his four eye-stalks. He manages to slime some of the explosives together which explodes between Stinkfly and the Extreme Bikers. The Bikers nearly fall off of their hovering cycles but manage to climb back up. Stinkfly smiles with slime dripping from his mouth.

Stinkfly: And that's what you get for trying to mess with me!

The Go-Kart then shifts, loosening from his grip. Stinkfly looks down in sudden surprise.

Stinkfly: Gah! Oh no! The Go-Kart!

The slimy spit dangling from his chin drops down onto the Go-Kart's hood. Stinkfly tries readjusting his footing on the Kart but it continues to slip. He accidentally gets his leg onto some of the slime that dripped from his mouth and it does not seem to come off easily.

Stinkfly: Aw man! I can't believe I stepped in- Huh?

He looks down and sees how the kart is also sticking to his leg. However, the strands start to tear, causing him to lose his grip on the kart again. Stinkfly then reels his head back, as if to charge up a massive loogie. He then looks down at the Go-Kart and opens his mouth, spitting out a accumulation of slimy spit which spreads all over to Go-Kart. He wraps his tail around some of the slime and keeps a trail running from his mouth. With the slime connected between him and the Go-Kart, Stinkfly chuckles and flies ahead with a stable hold of the Go-Kart.

Extreme Biker: It's no good! That alien creature still has a hold of the kart, my King.

Extreme Biker King: Grah!

The Extreme Biker King clenches the handles together, locking them in place. He then reaches down and tears his sword from the side from the cycle. He then climbs up on his cycle and stands on the seat, looking back at Stinkfly approaching them.

Extreme Biker King: I'll swat this fly myself.

He twists the handle of his sword and the edge of the blade turns red as it pulses with energy. He then slashes the air, releasing a wave of red energy at Stinkfly. Stinkfly tries dodging the blast but it ultimately hits the Go-Kart, causing some of strands of slime to become undone. Stinkfly fires more goo-blasts from his eye-stalks at the Extreme Biker King who slices through them with his blade. The two continue battle as they fly over the gap, however the rest of the track appears to be closing in.

Extreme Biker: My King, the track!

Extreme Biker King: (grunts) Sorry, alien, must I have a race to win!

Stinkfly: Grr! I won't let you get the power that prize might give. It could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Extreme Biker King: Quite so. Good thing for us that my hands could not be anymore wrong.

Stinkfly flies ahead with the Extreme Biker King swiping at the air again, releasing another energy swipe. Stinkfly manages to lower down and avoid the blast. He then looks up, seeing the position of the Extreme Biker King's footing. He then opens his mouth and projects slime at the Extreme Biker's footing. The Extreme Biker King nearly slips and winds up stabbing the controls in the back. The controls then spark up, causing the Extreme Bikers to keep their distance. The Extreme Biker King falls back but his foot is stuck to the seat, causing him to lean back and dangle off to the side. Stinkfly then flies past them.

Extreme Biker King: Help me up, you idiots!

The Extreme Bikers move past the sword lounged in the controls and help the Extreme Biker King up onto his seat. He tears the slime off with his gauntlet and it burns within his grasp. He then grunts angrily and looks ahead at Stinkfly flying ahead of them. His wings flatter as he prepares to land on the track. The Extreme Biker King extends his arm out and sends out a blast from his guantlet which strikes Stinkfly on the back. Stinkfly then falls forward and collides with the Go-Kart's hood. The Omnitrix symbol on his forehead then beeps and flashes red before he transforms back into Brandon. The Go-Kart, with slime threads flapping in the air from the sides of the kart, starts to drop down towards the track. The sword lounged in the controls on the super-cycle then falls out when the system overloads with an electric pulse. The Extreme Biker King quickly grabs his blade before it drops off to the side. However, their hovering system starts to deactivate as the motorcycle transforms back to its regular look. Both vehicles then drop down onto the track with one sudden touchdown, shaking up both drivers. The two of them then remain there on the track as dust dissipates through the air around them. Coughs are heard with some Extreme Bikers clinging to the side of their motorcycles and Brandon leaning into the driver's area. He gets up weakly and sits in the driver's seat. He takes a breath then stops and turns, looking across from him. The smoke then clears up and he sees the Extreme Biker King looking straight at him, sword in hand. He revs up his engine, still looking over at him. Brandon gulps but then looks at his controls, the screen is fuzzy again.

Brandon: Computer.

The Extreme Biker King revs up his motorcycle once more.

Brandon: Computer?

The Extreme Biker King revs up his motorcycle one more time.

Brandon tries starting the engine but it doesn't seem to work. He then turns back to the Extreme Biker King who just shakes his head and turns ahead at the track before taking off to continue the race.

Brandon: W-Wait!

Brandon tries starting up the engine again but nothing works. He tries again and again but he keeps on getting the same result.

Brandon, trying to start the Go-Kart up again: Come on, here we go this time. Come on!

He presses down on the gas pedal twice but nothing happens still.

Brandon, trying to start the Go-Kart up again: Please... please... Come on!

He smacks the steering wheel with one hand then yells out before hitting his head on the steering wheel. The Go-Kart lets out a honk and the headlights flash back on. The engine then roars up again and the screen becomes clear again. Brandon lifts up his head and notices the Go-Kart becoming back to life again.

Brandon, smiling: Huh.

He then steps on the gas pedal and the Go-Kart drives forwards.

Computer, via screen: Systems back online. Hello, Brandon.

Brandon, driving: Now's not really the- uh- oh- Hi, Computer. Look, there was the pit and then we crashed and then the Go-Kart wouldn't start but now it did and now I'm trying to get back in the lead here but the Extreme Biker dude is pressing on ahead of us!

Computer, via screen: ...Hm. That's quite the summary.

Brandon, driving: Thanks but do you think there's anything you can do to help me out here? The Omnitrix is recharging so I'm all out of "help me" cards.

Computer, via screen: The Omnitrix may not be charged enough for a full transformation but our emergency system only requires a fraction of that power. That is, of course, if now is the right time.

Brandon looks ahead and sees the finish line a good distance away but the Extreme Bikers racing towards it just up ahead.

Brandon, driving: Computer. (looks down at the screen) Now is the perfect time to use it.

Computer, via screen: Good. Well then...

A series of a coding appears on the screen before the screen goes black with green text being typed into the center of the screen reading, "Overdrive Protocol Activated". Brandon raises his arm up and looks at the Omnitrix sitting on his wrist for a brief moment. He then looks down at the dashboard which has a port in it, emanating with a green energy. Brandon then inserts his arm into the port and turns it slightly. The port then closes down and aligns with the Omnitrix. The green energy then brightens and the light soon overcomes Brandon and the entire interior of the Go-Kart. Meanwhile, up ahead, the Extreme Biker King continues riding off ahead.

Extreme Biker King: Soon, that prize will be mine.

A big, green flash then occurs behind him. He then glances back. His eyes, just barely seen from underneath his helmet, widen in surprise.

Extreme Biker King: No, It- It can't be!

The Go-Kart, with a fresh, green-ish glow surrounding it- then races ahead, driving alongside the Extreme Bikers however- the Go-Kart, itself, has been transformed. The exterior now has a hardened, red shell with cracks and the hood- along with the window dome- now have an icy, frozen flame look to it. The headlights are also bright green and look similar to the eyes of one of Brandon's alien transformations. In the driver's seat, Brandon is seen with his arm inserted into the dashboard. He looks as if he is currently in mid-transformation- with his arm looking like it belongs to Freezefire, an icy breath escaping his mouth and his eyes giving off a fiery and green-ish look. Brandon gives the Extreme Biker King a hard glare as he bears his teeth. The Go-Kart then boosts ahead, spitting out flames from its thrusters.

Extreme Biker King: No, no, NO! This is IMPOSSIBLE!

He grunts then turns to his Bikers.

Extreme Biker King: Well, don't just sit there. Transfer your energy into my cycle!

Extreme Biker: But, my King, that would disable our own bikes.

The Extreme Biker King blasts the Biker that talked back to him away with his gauntlet.

Extreme Biker King: Don't make me repeat myself. We must win that prize!

Extreme Bikers: Y-Yes, my King!

The Extreme Bikers adjusts some controls on their bikes which transfer the energy from their bikes into his super-cycle. They all then revs their cycles in unison, causing more energy to transfer over. The Extreme Biker King then presses a button in-between the handles which disconnects his bike from the others. He then revs up his motorcycle and drives off, leaving the other Bikers behind- with their own cycles slowing down. The Extreme Biker King then blasts forwards, closing in on the Go-Kart. He then rams into the side of the Go-Kart.

Brandon: Gah!

Brandon then turns his head and sees the Extreme Biker King riding alongside him.

Extreme Biker King: I won't be defeated by a child!

Brandon: You already lost this race the moment you cheated.

Extreme Biker King: I'll do anything for that power. Wouldn't you?!

Brandon: I'm only in this race to stop people like you from hurting others. But if you want power, urk- why not have some of mine?!

Brandon then concentrates and the headlights of the kart brighten with a green energy. He then turns the kart around and drifts, leaving behind an icy path. He drives around the Extreme Biker King who continues accelerating forwards, only to slip out on the ice. Brandon then turns the kart back towards the finish line and activates the fiery thrusters which launch him forwards again. The Extreme Biker King hops back on the cycle and revs up his motorcycle, driving ahead. The two of them continue racing towards the finish line which is just up ahead. Brandon closes his eyes and leans forwards, yelling out. The Omnitrix glows even brighter and the flames explode within the thrusters, shooting him forwards. The Go-Kart then starts to unbalance and leans forwards. Brandon turns the Go-Kart and tumbles across the track before re-stabilizing and drifting across the finish line. The Go-Kart then screeches to a halt, leans to the side momentarily then lands back down on its wheels. The headlights then flicker and the Go-Kart starts to shift back to how it looked before. Brandon lays in the driver's seat, his arm falls out of the dashboard as he remains there.

Computer, via screen: Brandon? Brandon?

Brandon, coming to: H-Huh?

Computer, via screen: Congratulations. You've won the race.

Brandon, groggy: (scoffs) Yay...

He opens up the Go-Kart's door and falls out. He then gets up from the track and sees a figure standing before him. He looks up and sees a dark, hooded figure, holding a sword-like object in their hand.

Brandon: W-Who are you?

Figure, in a distorted voice: I am the Organizer and I believe this... is your ultimate prize.

The Organizer hands the sword to Brandon, who takes it into his hands. He looks at it for a moment, seeing how its an advanced piece of technology designed like a sword with machinery wrapped around the blade and fitted into the handle. In the handle, there's a small, green core.

Brandon: But what do I do with-

He looks up and is surprised to see that the Organizer is no longer there. He looks around but does not see a sign of the Organizer anywhere. Brandon takes another look at the sword and looks to the side, as if getting an idea. A moment later, Brandon is seen walking back to his Go-Kart. He places the sword into the driving area and turns back to see the Extreme Biker King standing there, blade in hand.

Brandon, surprised: Argh! You!

Extreme Biker King: Hand me the ultimate weapon, boy!

Brandon, correcting him: Ultimate prize.

Extreme Biker King: I'm done playing these trivial games! The prize is ultimate power and that only comes in the form of a weapon. Once I get my hands on this weapon, I will unleash its power onto this world and soon they will know that the Extreme Bikers are the one with true power within their arsenal.

Brandon: And you expect me to just hand it over to you?

Extreme Biker King: I've noticed your transformation act during the race. I know that it takes quite some time before you can transform again. Now imagine performing a stunt like that back there. That must have required quite the amount of power, didn't it?

Brandon glares at the Extreme Biker King but subtly looks down at the Omnitrix. It's still re-charging. The Extreme Biker King seems to have noticed his little glance.

Extreme Biker King: I'm right, aren't I?

Brandon, looking back over at him: What do you want?

Extreme Biker King: Give me the weapon and I'll take my Bikers and leave from here. You can be a good boy and never have to deal with us ever again. If you don't give it to me, I'll take it for myself and no one will ever know you and that garbage heap you call transport ever existed out here.

The Extreme Biker King bears his sword and presses it close to Brandon.

Brandon: Okay! Okay! You can have it. Let me just- reach for it, okay?

Extreme Biker King: Good choice, child.

He whips his sword back and lowers it to the side.

Extreme Biker King: And don't even think of trying anything. I have very keen vision and fast reflexes.

Brandon reaches into the Go-Kart and takes the sword. He then turns back and hands it over to the Extreme Biker King.

Extreme Biker King: In your possession, this would have been quite the trinket. But in my possession, this- (takes the sword into his hand) This is power.

Brandon: Alright, you got your sword- just get out of here.

Extreme Biker King: (glances at Brandon) Yes, perhaps I should go. The sooner I show off my power to the world- the better off they are.

The Extreme Biker King turns and walks over to his super-cycle. He picks it up and hops on. He places his other sword onto the side of the cycle and revs up his cycle with his free hand.

Extreme Biker King: But before we go, I need to know something.

Brandon: And what's that?

Extreme Biker King: How the weapon works, of course. I need to know if I can blow up mountains with this thing or if I slice through an atom. What better way to test it out then on you?

Brandon: No, don't!

Extreme Biker King: (laughs) No need to be a sore winner- or should I say, loser.

The Extreme Biker King swipes the sword after it charges up but, as he does, the sword explodes- sending the Extreme Biker King flying backwards along with his cycle. They both tumble down the track until they come to a stop. The Extreme Biker King groans as the sword crashes down, busted and broken as it smokes up. Brandon looks at this from his Go-Kart and reaches into his cargo pants' pocket. He pulls out the missing green power core and looks at it.

Brandon: The ultimate prize wasn't given for winning the race, Biker King. It was given for doing the right thing.

He shoves the core back into his pocket and looks out at the track, seeing the remaining Extreme Bikers scramble to help the Extreme Biker King up. He chuckles to himself and turns back to the Go-Kart, putting his hand on the door and rolling the Kart away.

Brandon, rolling the kart away: Computer?

Computer, via screen: Yes, Brandon?

Brandon, rolling the kart away: You think I'd be good at racing? Like I should do something like this again?

Computer, via screen: Perhaps. But there is one thing you'll need before you can consider something like that.

Brandon, rolling the kart away: Oh yeah, and what's that?

Computer, via screen: A working Go-Kart.

Brandon, rolling the kart away: Heh. Yeah, I guess I'll have to fix this up at some point.

Computer, via screen: Would you care for a tutorial about it?

Brandon, rolling the kart away: Computer!



  • Brandon
  • Computer
  • The Observer (First Appearance)
  • Announcer (First Appearance)
  • Robot Racers (First Appearance)
  • Citizens


Aliens Used

Used by Brandon

Used by Go-Kart


  • This is the first time Brandon had entered a race in Brandon 10.
  • This is the first episode to feature the Go-Kart and the Extreme Biker King.
  • Ro-Warasaur wasn’t originally used in this episode but was added to the rebooted version of the episode due to an additional scene at the beginning of the episode.
  • Although Brandon does fight back for the majority of the race in this version of the episode, unlike in the original, it can still count as him defending himself as if he didn’t fight back, the other racers would have definitely ended his chances of competing in the race.
  • Unlike in the original episode, Upgrade is not used in the rebooted version.
  • This is the first time where Brandon has been in mid-transformation or in a state similar to such.
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