Ultimate Pesky Dust
Ultimate Pesky Dust.png
General Information
Species: Evolved Nemuina
Home World: N/A
DNA Source: Pesky Dust
Body: Armored Fairy
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Toxic Sleep Dust
Dream Manipulation
Sharp Claws
Classification: Fauna
First Appearance: TBA

Ultimate Pesky Dust is the evolved form of Pesky Dust.

This version of Ultimate Pesky Dust was created by CaT and is free for anyone to use.


Ultimate Pesky Dust's sleeping dust is much more powerful than his base form's, meaning that less has to be used to put an opponent to sleep. Its concentration also makes it somewhat toxic, leaving its victims severely ill and potentially killing smaller or weaker targets.

Once their target is asleep, Ultimate Pesky Dust can enter and manipulate their dreams as usual, but is now able to physically interact with their victim inside said dreams. Any damage done to the victim inside their dreams will reflect on their bodies in real life, including mortal injuries.

If multiple people are put to sleep, Ultimate Pesky Dust can make them share the same dream, making it easier to assault large groups.

Ultimate Pesky Dust is decently strong compared to his base form, but his true offensive abilities lie in his multiple claws and spikes, which are sharp enough to carve through stone. If this isn't enough to dispatch his victims, he can simply create something in their dream world that is.


Ultimate Pesky Dust's sleep inducement and dream powers are useless on targets that don't sleep at all.


Ultimate Pesky Dust's evolution simulation is run on the basis that the Nemuina would be absolutely bulldozed in a serious wartime or apocalyptic scenario. Their dust evolves to become more concentrated in order to bypass various defense methods against it, and they gain the ability to injure their opponents in dreams to bypass dangerous physical conflict against enemies too strong for them to overpower or injure otherwise.


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  • Ultimate Pesky Dust's general appearance and abilities are based on the dark, malevolent Unseelie Court of fairies from Scottish mythos; this is in contrast to his unevolved form, which more closely resembles the lighthearted prankster fairies comprising the Seelie Court of fairies. His armor is based on the concept of "Fairy Knights", which is a somewhat vague concept that differs from mythos to mythos.

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