Ultimate Over The Rainbow



General Information
Species Evolved Superiris
Home World Insulam
DNA source Over The Rainbow
Body Water Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Hydrokinesis
Rain Manipulation
Rainbow Manipulation
Enhanced Aspect Division
Classification Aqua
Alien Number Σ4
Namesake See Over The Rainbow
First Appearance If: Part 2

Ultimate Over The Rainbow is the evolved form of Over The Rainbow from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Ultimate Over The Rainbow's Abilities include:

Main Body

  • Enhanced Hydrokinesis
  • Rain Manipulation
  • Rainbow Manipulation
  • Enhanced Aspect Division
    • Instead of splitting apart his body to form the Droplets, Ultimate Over The Rainbow can simply spawn new bodies for each Droplet, these bodies resembling differently hued version of his unevolved form. In addition, each Droplet both has their primary ability enhanced and gains a new side power.

Droplet Red

  • Ferrokinesis
  • Blood Manipulation

Droplet Orange

  • Pyrokinesis
  • Temperature Increasing

Droplet Yellow

  • Light Manipulation
  • Light Absorption

Droplet Green

  • Plant Manipulation
  • Plant Travel
    • Droplet Green can merge with plants and travel through interconnected root networks.

Droplet Blue

  • Cryokinesis
  • Temperature Decreasing

Droplet Indigo

  • Sleep Manipulation
  • Dream Manipulation

Droplet Violet

  • Enhanced Healing
  • Defense Boosting


Ultimate Over The Rainbow is a tall, white humanoid alien primarily composed of water. He has a more composed appearance than his unevolved form, maintaining a more human-like shape with distinct hands, fingers, boot-like feet, and a defined neck.

He has a pompadour-like swirly cloud of water vapor resting on the top of his head in a manner that resembles hair. Only one of his eyes is visible, with a blue mark running from it to the bottom of his face.


Ultimate Over The Rainbow's Droplets still represent each Deadly Sin, leaving them with the same personality issues as before. In addition, if all of his Droplets are deployed at once, Ultimate Over The Rainbow is left as an emotionless husk with a completely neutral morality system.




  • UOTR's Rainbow Mode is merely a demonstration of his Rainbow Manipulation; it is not a form change.

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