Ultimate Omnivoracious
General Information
Species Evolved Omnivoracious
Home World Galvan Prime
DNA source Fossilized Remains
Body Giant Bird
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Speed Enhanced Agility Enhanced Stamina Enhanced Sight Enhanced Hearing Enhanced Intuition Enhanced Durability Energy Refraction Sharp Beak Sharp Talons Feather Blades Feather Launching Flight

First Appearance Nature's Arms Race
Ultimate Omnivoracious is the Nemetrix's DNA sample of an Evolved Omnivoracious in Ben 10: Omnitrix Wielder. It is the hyperevolved natural predator of Galvans and Evolved Galvans.


Ultimate Omnivoracious is roughly the same size as before, but its body shape closely resembles a cross between a flamingo and an eagle. It’s neck is shorter and bulkier compared with its body but is still longer than in most birds of prey. Its wings are bigger and better suited for flight, while its tail feathers are longer and more ribbon-like. Its beak is darker and smoother, with the only spike-like protrusion being located over the hook bend at the tip. Its feathers are now dark purple but have their original color at the tips, while the tail feathers have silver metallic extensions at the ends. There are also green highlights in its upper wing feathers. It now has feathers on its neck and all of them are sharper. Its eyes are fiery orange.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Omnivoracious’s beak and jaws are much stronger than before. Its metallic feathers are very durable and can refract energy beams. It also has even greater stamina.

Ultimate Omnivoracious has improved eyesight and can pick out tiny details from great distances. It can also see the ultraviolet spectrum of light, making it extremely difficult to hide from its gaze.

Ultimate Omnivoracious's feathers are extremely sharp and can easily slice through metal like a knife through butter. It can launch the feathers on its wings and tail as deadly projectiles with surprising accuracy.

Ultimate Omnivoracious can fly through the air with great speed for long periods of time. It is a highly acrobatic flier and can chase agile prey over great distances through many flight conditions.

Ultimate Omnivoracious is even smarter than before, but is not quite sentient. It can outwit humans in games of cunning and intuition and can even guess where prey might be hiding from it if it somehow cannot detect them with its eyes or ears. It is very stubborn by nature and will never give up when hunting. However, it no longer forgets about its surroundings and pays attention to what its target’s allies are up to.


Although in theory Ultimate Omnivoracious’s prey are evolved Galvans and can refract their energy beams, it is vulnerable to their telekinesis.


  • Nature's Arms Race
  • Happy Hunting Part 2
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