Ultimate Mole-Stache
Ultimate MolestacheCaT
General Information
Species: Evolved Mole-Stache's Species
Home World: N/A
DNA Source: Mole-Stache
Body: Humanoid Mole
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Enhanced Digging
Prehensile "Mustache"
Radar Navigation
Classification: Fauna
First Appearance: TBA
Ultimate Mole-Stache is the evolved form of Mole-Stache.

This version of Ultimate Mole-Stache was created by CaT and is free for anyone to use.


Ultimate Mole-Stache's digging abilities are enhanced tenfold, allowing him to move effortlessly through the ground.

His fur is hydrophobic, meaning that he can burrow through mud and marshland without getting weighed down by clumps of wet soil.

His "mustache" is more durable and versatile, capable of extending much farther than before.

Ultimate Mole-Stache's mustache acts as a touch-based "radar" of sorts, able to pick up vibrations and electrical currents in the surrounding area that tell him exactly where something is, allowing him to pick up on things that his sense of sight would be useless for finding.


Ultimate Mole-Stache's eyes are vestigial and useless, making him effectively blind in the traditional sense.


Ultimate Mole-Stache's evolution simulation is run on the basis that Mole-Stache's ability to dig is somewhat useful, but as a whole, he is not well-adapted to live underground, leaving him vulnerable to subterranean predators and terrain hazards. To resolve this, he evolves large, powerful claws for digging through the ground, while his "mustache" becomes a much more powerful and versatile organ. As with most subterranean species, Ultimate Mole-Stache becomes blind since eyesight is practically useless in the lightless underground, instead developing the ability to navigate with his "mustache" to find his way around.


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  • Ultimate Mole-Stache's design and abilities are based on the star-nosed mole, while his clothing is based on the uniform of modern mine workers.

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