Ultimate Lodestar
Ultimate LodestarCaT
General Information
Species: Evolved Biosovortian
Home World: Unknown
DNA Source: Lodestar
Body: Rock Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Tri-Magnetism
Force Fields
Classification: Mineraloid
First Appearance: TBA
Ultimate Lodestar is the evolved form of Lodestar.

This version of Ultimate Lodestar was created by CaT and is free for anyone to use.


Ultimate Lodestar's abilities include:

  • Tri-Magnetism
    • Alongside his base form's standard Ferromagnetic abilities, Ultimate Lodestar can also manipulate Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic fields. This allows him to essentially treat any object as a magnet and manipulate it as such.
  • Regeneration
    • Ultimate Lodestar retains the ability to reassemble his body after taking severe damage.
  • Force Fields
    • Ultimate Lodestar retains the ability to create magnetic forcefields, though his Tri-Magnetism makes them even more effective.
  • Flight


Ultimate Lodestar's evolution simulation is run on the basis that his magnetic abilities would be useless in a non-magnetic environment. Assuming Biosovortians were forced to fight in an entirely organic environment such as a jungle or forest against an entirely organic enemy, their powers over magnetism wouldn't help them survive the situation at all. By evolving his magnetic abilities to include Paramagnetism and Diamagnetism on top of Ferromagnetism, Ultimate Lodestar gains the ability to magnetically manipulate any environment or opponent, allowing him to come out victorious in this situation.


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Objects manipulated by Ultimate Lodestar that are not naturally ferromagnetic will not retain their magnetic properties once they leave his influence.


  • Where the original Lodestar's color scheme was based on lodestone and the vivid yellow chalcopyrite it's often found with, Ultimate Lodestar's color scheme draws from another mineral lodestone can be found with; specifically, the deep-red variant of chondrodite.
  • Ultimate Lodestar's crescent shapes and red color scheme are meant to invoke the idea of a blood moon.

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