Ultimate Loch Ness
Ultimate Loch Ness
General Information
Species Evolved Lacusapian
Home World Marshia
Body Humanoid
Devolved Form Loch Ness
Powers and abilities
Abilities Hydrokinsis



Enhanced Strength


Water Breath

Water Canons

Water Whips

First Appearance The Final Fight Part 2

Ultimate Loch Ness is an evolved transformation in Brandon 10.


In Alien Force, Ultimate Loch Ness takes the appearance of a green huamnoid. He has two sort of horns and a big chin. There are also small, light-green gills under his horns and a square-ish, triangular dark green mark on his head. Around his mouth, there are cracks in the skin and the corner of his mouth is webbed. His neck is covered with a collar similar to a short scarf; it wraps around his neck and opens up at his front. His arms are a bit buff and has green petals He has abs and two black stripes at his lower chestplate. The Ultimatrix spiked symbol is on his chest.

In Ultimate Hero, his appearance does not change as much however the black stripes at his side are now longer and curve downwards on his back. The Ultimatrix spiked symbol remains on his chest.


Ultimate Loch Ness has the power to produce enhanced water projectiles from his hands as well as mouth. He also can change his hands into weapons such as water canons without having to regenerate them like Loch Ness did. He can also regenerate and bloom new body parts when they get destroyed. When regenerating his arms, Ultimate Loch Ness can grow Water Whips if he wants to which allow him to reach further distances and swing. He can also create Hydro-Bombs which explode on impact and release a high release of water.


He has no known weaknesses at the time.


Alien Force

Ultimate Hero


Video Games

Online Games



  • Ultimate Loch Ness is the first evolved transformation used by Brandon.
    • He was also the first evolved transformation used in Ultimate Hero.
  • He was meant to be transformed into by Nodnarb for a demonstration for The Conqueror to be the first evolved transformation used ever but it was removed from the plot.
  • Ultimate Loch Ness was the last alien transformation used in Brandon 10: Alien Force.
  • His voice isn't very different from his devolved form, Loch Ness.


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