Ultimate Kugelblitz

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General Information
Species Evolved Feuer
Home World Brandstelle
Body Fiery Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Pyrokinesis
Enhanced Flight
Form Change
Equipment Modified Mining Uniform
Alien Number Σ15 (Star Spirit)
Namesake See Kugelblitz
First Appearance If: Part 2 (Star Spirit)
Antiquity (Mack 10)

Ultimate Kugelblitz is the evolved form of Kugelblitz

He appears in Tech 10: Star Spirit and appeared in the now-defunct Mack 10.


  • Enhanced Pyrokinesis
  • Enhanced Flight
  • Enhanced Healing
  • Form Change
  • ClF3 Production

ClF3, also known as Chlorine Trifluoride, is a colorless gas Ultimate Kugelblitz can produce alongside his normal flammable chemicals. Properties of Chlorine Triflouride include:

  • Boiling when exposed to air.
  • Exploding when exposed to water.
  • Being lethal to inhale.
  • Creating Hydrofluoric Acid when decomposing.
  • Burning at temperatures over 4300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Setting just about anything on fire (including dirt and stone).

Moral of the story: do not touch this stuff. You'd have better luck surviving after snorting a can of cyanide.

As in his unevolved form, Ultimate Kugelblitz can assume a Fired Up mode when sufficiently furious or injured, with the same effects as usual taking place.


Ultimate Kugelblitz is similar in appearance to his base form, having a larger stature and slightly different clothing. The fire streaming from his head is longer, and is now blue by default. When Fired Up, his skin and clothing become blue, with his fire becoming white.

In Tech 10: Star Spirit, the StarTrix Requiem symbol is on his belt. A ringed symbol with four prongs representing the standard evolutionary clamps replaces its usual display.

In Mack 10, the Matrix symbol is on his belt, with the aforementioned evolutionary clamps extending from its sides.


Ultimate Kugelblitz is still unable to change from Normal to Fired Up at will.


If Ultimate Kugelblitz appears in your series, please remember to note his appearance here.

Tech 10: Star Spirit

Mack 10


  • Although Kugelblitz was not designed to look like a Super Sayian, a few people apparently thought he looked like a Super Saiyan. As such, his evolved form has partially been based on a Super Sayian 3.

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