Ultimate KrakkIn is the evolved form of KrakkIn.


Ultimate KrakkIn gets a purple coloration and a turquoise exoskeleton. His eyes have become external and have a blue coverage. His two head tentacles became longer and are now strong and fully functional. His Ultimatrix Symbol is on his head, like his devolved counterpart.


Ultimate KrakkIn sometimes makes dirty jokes.

Powers and Abilities

Like KrakkIn, Ultimate KrakkIn is a skilled coder and hacker, with even more abilities and techniques. He has a shocking memory, which is estimated to be over 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes, or 10 exabytes. This is enough to remember all the code sequences in the Ultimatrix.

Ultimate KrakkIn has prehensile tentacles on his head, which are impressively strong and can be extended.

In addition to this, Ultimate KrakkIn is very agile underwater, as he can swim at fast speeds and breathe underwater at high pressures.

Ultimate KrakkIn can shoot ink to camouflage himself.


Ultimate KrakkIn does not become invisible when he camouflages himself, giving the opponent the advantage to spot his by using a different sense.


If Ultimate KrakkIn is going to appear in your series, write it down here.


If Ultimate KrakkIn is going to appear in your series, write it down here.


  • Ultimate KrakkIn's tentacles pay a homage to Feedback's antennae.
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