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Ultimate Jury Rigg

Ultimate Jury Rigg

In Playlist,second episode of Ben 10:Core Of The Omnitrix,Albedo accidentally releases a virus in his Albedotrix,randomly sending out his aliens to Earth.As he is looking through his playlist - which is a full-colour hologram,unlike the transformation hologram,with data next to it.He passes Big Chill,Ultimate Spidermonkey,Ripjaws,Upgrade and Ultimate Jury Rigg (an unseen alien so far in the past five series,Ben 10,Alien Force,Ultimate Alien,Omniverse and Core Of The Omnitrix),before realising that Way Big,Spidermoney,Ultimate Big Chill,Brainstorm and Rath have been emptied.


He seems to be a Jury Rigg sized Highbreed mixed in with Jury Rigg.


confirmed by OGREPOP

Spike Shooting


Laser Beams from his eyes

Urge to destroy technology

Plant-like water tube

Fire beams

Can eat metal and shoot it out again as a laser beam with slime inside,like a mixture of Eatle and Upchuck

OGREPOP has confirmed that he has another strange ability,and quotes - "Watch the ground,this power is rocky!".