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Ultimate Jetray
Ultimate Jetray Alan.png
General Information

Evolved Aerophibian

Home Planet:



Humanoid Sting Ray

Other Info

Indefinite Flight
Psyche-Shock Blasts
Portal Generation
Underwater Respiration
Protective Mucus
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Coordination


Scrawny Legs

Ultimate Jetray is the evolved form of Jetray. He is a free use alien made by Alanomaly.


Ultimate Jetray is a large creature with an appearance similar to a humanoid sting ray. Most of his body appears like an over exaggerated version of his default form's, such as his wings, fingers, and tail. His face is much different from his default forms, being wide and having two bulding eyes off either side, and small tendrils above where his mouth is. His underbelly is a light blue, and his back, beck, and head are dark blue, with light blue spots being on his back. He wears the Ultimate symbol on his chest.


  • Ultimate Jetray is able to fly indefinitely, letting him remain in the sky for at least days on end.
  • Ultimate Jetray possesses a more powerful version of Jetray's neuroshock blasts. Rather than attacking the nervous system, Jetray's blasts, which only come from his tail, these blasts attack the target's mind, which can range from just knocking them unconcsious to outright shutting them down altogether temporarily, or even in a worse case scenario, kill the target.
  • Replacing the ability to shoot blasts from his eyes, Ultimate Jetray's eyes are able to generate portals that let him access any two points in existence.
  • Ultimate Jetray's pattern on his back makes for excellent camouflage at the bottom of the sea or in the night sky by flying upside down.
  • Ultimate Jetray has enhanced coordination, allowing him to fly upside down with ease and even fly in Ledgerdomain, something his original form took much issue with.
  • Ultimate Jetray has a protective layer of mucus over his skin that prevents him from being harmed by his own blasts.
  • Ultimate Jetray has enhanced strength, durability, and speed.


  • Like his original form, Ultimate Jetray's legs are scrawny, though this doesn't pose much issue as he tends to fly or be in the water.


Ben 10 Omnialiens:

Chapter 7:Red is The Color Of Blood:

Albedo uses Ultimate JetRay When he challenges Ben Tennyson to a Conqueror’s Challenge, he is the first alien Albedo uses, he takes down Heavyweight, but is knocked down by DNA. Albedo later transforms into him to defeat Spike Ball, before turning back


  • Ultimate Jetray's design was made using a scrapped piece of concept art for Jetray. The Ultimate Symbol was added by Daphnisnerii.
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