Ultimate Humungousaur
General Information
Species Evolved Vaxasaurian
Home Planet Terradino
Body Ankylosaurus-like humanoid
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Space Survivability
First Appearance Jurassic Planet
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker

Ultimate Humungousaur is the evolved form of Humungousaur.


Ben as Ultimate Humungousaur

Ultimate Humungousaur is an Ankylosaurus-like creature, being about 20 feet tall. Ultimate Humungousaur is more buff and muscular than his pre-evolved form, while having camo green skin instead of tan.

He has a dark blue, Ankylosaurus-like helmet with three spikes running down the top, which are silver. On the sides of his helmet, there are black ram horns, pointing down.

He possesses a dark blue, turtle shell with long spikes running down each side. His plated chest and torso are dark blue with five spikes on each end. His tail has a blue mace on the end of it, with silver spikes. Ultimate Humungousaur wears a sash similar to his devolved form in Omniverse and he now wears shorts that go down to his knees. He lacks the silver on his upper chest and arms that Negative Ultimate Humungousaur has.

Ultimate Humungousaur's knuckles have silver barrels on them, which he can transform into four-barreled missile launchers at will. The outline of the barrel cannon is black and also has a black circle at the center. When not in use, his fingers now support black claws instead of human-like nails.

Ultimate Humungousaur wears the evolved Ultimatrix MK10 symbol on his sash.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Humungousaur is exponentially stronger than full-sized Humungousaur, being strong enough to lift and throw Way Big with ease. He has also proven to be strong enough to flatten the Red Robot's head with a few punches. He could make a giant crater in the ground by punching it.

Ultimate Humungousaur has a very durable shell.

Ultimate Humungousaur can do a stronger version of Humungousaur's shoulder charge and punch the ground to create large shockwaves.

As a result of millions of simulated battles over the millennia, Ultimate Humungousaur's genetic evolution allows him to transform his hands into bio-gatling guns that shoot kinetically unstable bone fragments as missiles, which deal major damage.

Ultimate Humungousaur's tail has a mace-like structure which can be used as a flail, as shown in his fight with Sir George.


Ultimate Humungousaur lacks his devolved counterpart's ability to change his size, due to the Ultimate aliens being combat-based. His missiles can also be absorbed.

Ultimate Humungousaur is also vulnerable to electricity.


By Ben

  • In Jurassic Planet, Ultimate Humungousaur fought Ultimate Rex.
  • In Ultimate Force, Ultimate Humungousaur was used to battle Hyper Psyphon, but fails.


By Ben Prime

By Albedo

By Ultimate Ben 10


  • Credits to CaT for removing the background and Dio for the base.
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