Ultimate heatblast is the evolved form of heatblast,he is an alien in the multimatrix the most powerful creation ever.

He can destroy upchuck Norris easily.


Ultimate heatblast dark red rocks are now black and his fire is now blue,he is more buff then his devolved form.Like Ben 10,000 he has volcanos on his shoulders but his are a little bigger and wider.The side of his arms have volcanos and so does his hands,the sides of his legs have volcanos also,and he has volcanos on the front of his legs.Being a magma-based lifeform he is very hot making touching him very dangerous without prtection.His feet still have an oval like design with two toes and one back toe.He has flame rows on his upper legs,upper arms,and head,he has a flame design like ultimate big chill.He also has blue gooey shells containing an organic,blue colored napalm kerosene gel-like solution on his lower arms,and lower legs.

He has another form,he looks like scorch but his fire is blue and he is more muscular.He has heatblast head and ultimate Swampfire's blue gooey shells contaioning an organic,blue colored napalm kerosene gel-like solution.He has a little more rocks also.His face is black also.


Has all of heatblast,swampfires,and ultimate swampfires,and nrg powers.He has all of the same powers in the games heatblast has been in,he can also bend fire,and create anything he wants.If he breaks a piece off of him it will grow into an extra limb or clone.He can manipulate and produce fire and lava.He can change temperatures as well he is immune to fire,lava and heat.He has limited earth bending and can absorb heat,lava and fire.He can survive in high temperatures,he can absorb fire to grow bigger.


Like regular heatblast ice and water put his flame out and extinguish his powers for a while.


He Will be in my new show Ben 10 multiverse and whoever wants to use him but u have to ask me and give me full credit.


He has the same flame like design's like Big Chill.

He volcanos on his body.

He is an alien in the multimatrix.

Ultimate Heatblast is Dante's most powerful fire based alien.


Evolved pyronite

Home planet


Earth (Dante Meyers)

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