Ultimate Heatblast
General Information
Species Pyronite
Home World Pyros
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Controlling fire and lava, super strength

Ultimate Heatblast is a Pyronite from the star, Pyros.

He is the evolved form of Heatblast, and first appeared in the begining of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien the Movie.


Ultimate Heatblast is a magma-based life-form and the Ultimate form of Heatblast.

He is now big and bulky, similar to Rath. His fire is now red instead of yellow, and the rocks on him are black

In white form his magma and fire are white.


He has all of his previous forms abilities, except for enhanced strength, which has now been greatly increased to match or even surpass that of Four Arms and Humungousaur. He now has four volcanoes on his back. Ultimate Heatblast can telepathically control the lava produced in the volcanoes, and use the lava to attack his opponents. He can also morph the lava into shapes like a hammer or an axe, as shown when he was fighting the vampires. Other than that, his flames are now ten times hotter than the flames controlled by Heatblast. Also he has a White form.


He is magma-based so both water and fire extinguishers can weaken and even nullify his abilities. This doesn't seem to always necessarily hurt Ultimate Heatblast though, as shown when the one of the vampires use he telepathic powers to blast him with water and he just shook it off and continued fighting.

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien the Movie

When Ben first transformed into him, Ben was fighting two vampires who were attacking his school. Ben attempted to turn into Ultimate Heatblast, but halfway into the transformation on of the vampires interfered. This caused him to become Incomplete Ultimate Heatblast. Incomplete Ultimate Heatblast has the look and physical form of regular heatblast, but he is black and his fire has started to turn blue, although its a very light blue. His face lost the lines beside the eyes and the top of his head began to form Ultimate Heatblast's head.

  • He then had Gwen and Kevin stall the vampires, and finally became Ultimate Heatblast. He first had a bit trouble trying to figure out what Ultimate Heatblast's new powers were, but with the help of kevin, he finally figured them out. He finally defeated the vampires by using his lava manipulation powers to scare them away by morphing the lava into a mini sun. Note:Incomplete Ultimate Heatblast is Sick Heatblast



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