Ultimate Goop is the Ultimatrix's DNA sample of an Evolved Polymorph from the Planet Viscosia in Universe-7781.


Ultimate Goop is a large pile of goo that can take any shape at will. The Ultimatrix is on top of the Anti-Gravity Projector, which is inside the center of his body, that allows him to be mobile in Earth's gravity and also projects his voice. His brain is spread throughout his body.

Powers and Abilities

Slime Generation: He can generate slime.

Body Alteration: He can stretch, bend and deform himself into any shape or form.

Acidic Body: His body can melt anything.

Sticky Body: His body can stick to anything.

Flight: He can fly with his Anti-Gravity Projector.

Heat Resistance: He has a high melting point.


Teleportation: Due to him being a single cell organism he is unable to go through a teleporter.

Anti-Gravity Projector: He is unable to move without his projector.



DNA Donor




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