Ultimate goop is the evolved form of goop,meaning he is an evolved Polymorph.He is an alien in the Multimatrix The most powerful creation ever .

He can destroy upchuck Norris easily


His former green body is now black with two ball like green shoulder pads,with a black spike sticking out of them.His arms are still green and so are his hands and fingers,he has claws that are about 7 feet long.Also his legs and toes are green he is also more taller then his regular form and much much more muscular.The anti-gravity device now has spikes and is black and the ends are green.It's spikes are green also.He has anti-gravity projectors orbiting his shoulders,arms,hands,and legs.Also he has green spikes on his hands,arms and legs.

and abilities

Ultimate goop has the ability to change his form he can also stretch any part of his body however long he wants.He can shapeshift,fly without the use of his Anti gravity prtecter,Regenerate,alter his body,Liquefy hisself,Project Slime,And shoot acid slime.He also has all of the goop has in the video games.Goop can also stick into any substance and create things like a shield or sword by taking a piece off of him.Ultimate goop can create slime and acid balls that are explosive,and he can create a some screen.Ultimate goop has the ability to change his form.Ultimate goop is able generate more anti-gravity projectors and lock them on a target,he then shoots them at the target and they orbit,around the target and goop is now able to control them.In addition to being able to liquefy his body,he can go inside people by there mouths or any damage they have,and control them.Also he can phase through things,and his anti-gravity projecter now has spikes and is very sharp,so he can send them after someone and slice them.He also has super strength.



Light blue:water





differences from goop

Ultimate goop is now black and green.He now has to big ball like shoulder pads,with a spike on each one.Ultimate goop now has different forms and .


Ultimate goop will appear in my new show Ben 10 multiverse,but anyone can have him as long as u give me full credit.

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