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Ultimate Goop

Ultimate Goop is Goop's ultimate form. He is a Polymorph, and an alien within the Alphatrix.


He looks mostly like regular Goop, but instead of being Green he is a light/sky blue as are his eyes. He has yellow patches of electricity.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Goop is able to fire slime with acidic or sticky properties upon impact.
    • Goop can use his acid like abilities to destroy nearly anything.
  • He can actually move around without using an Anti-Gravity device, meaning he can go wherever he wants without the worry of losing it.
  • He can solidify himself whenever he wants, making him as hard as Taydenite.
  • He can freeze almost anything by hitting them with his slime.
    • He can also send a jolt of electricity threw them by doing the same thing.
  • He can stretch his body to unknown limits.


  • Because of his slime body, the Alphatrix can be easily pulled off and reverting Ultimate Goop to normal and removing the Alphatrix from the user
  • The yellow on his body represent the electrical energy pockets in his body.