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Ultimate Goop
General Information
Species Evolved Polymorph
Body Various
Normal Form Goop
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Indestructibility
Slime Generation
Slime Physiology
Adhesive Slime
Adhesion Manipulation
Acidic Slime
Acidic Touch
Slime Streams
Slime Balls
Slime Spit
Slime Tentacles
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Flexibility
Density Alteration
Gravitation Adaptation
Matter State Alteration
Anatomical Liberation
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker

Ultimate Goop is the Infinimatrix's DNA sample of an evolved Polymorph in Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse.


Ultimate Goop looks like his devolved form, but he no longer has an Anti-Gravity Projector. His body is green while the smaller bits of slime inside his body are varying shades of purple and have been rearranged. His head, eyes and arms are larger, and the slime protruding from his shoulders and arms are longer. The evolved Infinimatrix symbol is on his chest.

Transformation Sequence

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Goop is indestructible, making it difficult to defeat him by attacking his body.

Ultimate Goop is able to generate and even shoot slime from any part of his body. The slime he generates can either be acidic or adhesive. He can shoot it in continuous streams similar to a water hose or in blob-like projectiles. He is even capable of spitting out either slime or acid despite having no visible mouth. He can manipulate the adhesiveness of his slime, allowing him to trap opponents with very little chance of them breaking out.

Ultimate Goop is capable of making himself and his touch acidic at will. His acid is also able to dissolve a large variety of materials.

Ultimate Goop can stretch, bend and deform himself into any shape or form.

Ultimate Goop can produce multiple slime tentacles from his body to grab multiple opponents.

Ultimate Goop can regenerate and rebuild himself with ease.

Ultimate Goop possesses enhanced strength and can increase the impact power of his attacks by stretching himself backwards and using the recoil to launch enemies with a single punch.

Ultimate Goop can change his density depending on his desire, being able to decrease his density to become intangible or increase it to become as dense as a black hole, though the latter requires a lot of effort.

Ultimate Goop can survive in and adapt to high, low or no gravity, negating the need for an Anti-Gravity Projector.

Ultimate Goop can alter his own material state to that of a solid, liquid, gas, or plasma, while keeping his molecular constitution. He can also take on states that lie between matter phases, such as turning himself into supersolid material.

Ultimate Goop can split his own body apart into pieces and control said pieces however he wishes, by levitating them away from his main body and using them as they were connected to him. His consciousness exists in every piece that disconnects from his main body regardless of size, allowing for a variety of uses, ranging from offensive attacks to stealth, as he can attach a small amount of slime to someone and track their whereabouts.


Ultimate Goop cannot fly without changing his density.




  • Although there is a five-month gap between the creation of their pages, Ultimate Goop was conceptualized around the same time as Acid Trip.
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