Ultimate Ghostfreak
General Information
Species Evolved Ectonurite
Home World Anur Phaetos
Body Humanoid and ghost
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Supernatural
Ultimate Ghostfreak is the ultimate version of Ghostfreak that appears in Ben 10: Star Command Files. He will debut in the episode "Labrynth Planet". He also appears as Ghostfreak's Ultimate form in Noah 10


Ultimate Ghostfreak has all the powers of regular Ghostfreak plus some others. He is able to launch wind currents. His tail can emit volts of electricity into his opponents. He has Echo Echo's hyper-voice ability, causing his wail to stun his enemies. He is also able to posses anybody and control them, and he has laser eyes.


Ben 10: Star Command Files


  • Ultimate Ghostfreak looks exactly like Zs'Skayr.
  • Who knows, he might take over Ben again, or maybe not.

Noah 10

Noah's version looks the same as Alien Force Ghostfreak. He has the same abilities as him but is more powerful due to being an Ultimate. His energy beams are green rather than blue. He can also impersonate someone's voice and his tentacles can stretch as far as he wants and if they latch on to someone, they can electrocute them.

Ultimate Ghostfreak Noah 10

Ultimate Ghostfreak (N10)

Ben 10: Enter the Ultimatrix

He looks like in Ben 10: Star Command Files, but his eye is all green with a black area where the green is in that series. His cloak is black with green eye track and a hood, and the spikes on the symbol curve three times each, and there are three of them, because, according to Greenwatchandabluebox, it is technically not an Ultimate, but an Ecto High Lord, and when you try to Ultimize Ghostfreak, it instead picks up the small amount of Ecto High Lord DNA that came into the Omnitrix when he unlocked Ghostfreak by scanning Z'Skayr, and uses that. However, Ben doesn't know that, and Asmuth never said so. Also, the red on the tentacles is green.

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