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Ultimate Freezepunch
Ultimate Freezepunch.png
General Information
Species Evolved Microblizzian
Home World Chillos
Body Humanoid/Robotic
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Ice, Electrokinesis, enhanced strength
Voice Actor If ever needed, Lego Master.
First Appearance Skilled Training
Evolved Form/Devolved Form Freezepunch
Predator/Prey Serpentflame

Ultimate Freezepunch is the evolved form of Freezepunch.


He is now red in color, with no sign of a visible neck. He does, however, have conductors on the back of what is assumed to be his neck, which are grey. The conductors have tubes that connect to his shoulders, each tube containing electricity that he generates. He has a wider body than his devolved form, and his fingers are no longer separated by a blue line, instead they are now grey, and resemble Armodrillo's. A similar concept applies to his feet, which are now grey boots, with a green line above them, and the heels are also green. On his arms are metal plates, which help to insulate any electricity that may happen to escape his body. On his chest, there is also a metal plate that serves the same purpose.

Powers and Abilities

Judging by his appearance, you might be able to assume that his new added power is conducting electricity. Well, you are correct. He can now conduct electricity and fire it while it's inside shards of ice.


He is no longer weak to fire, somehow. It is odd, considering that he has metal all over his body...

But, he is weak only when one of his plates is broken, for then his actual skin will be exposed, like Ultimate Cy-X.


Ben 10: Ultimate Power

Season One