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Ultimate Four Arms

Ultimate Four Arms is the ultimate version of Four Arms. Meaning he is an evolved Tetramand. He is an alien within the Alphatrix.


He is now grey instead of red, and the lower part of his torse has a greyish-black tint. He now has six eyes instead of four, the black line that ran across his face now runs all the way around to his mouth. And he has spikes on his shoulders now.

He also has a slight height difference, and he wears black and blue gloves.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Four Arms is extremely strong.
  • He has extreme endurance.
  • Four Arms is so strong that he can create shockwaves simply by pounding his fists or clapping all four of his hands together, dubbed the "Big Smack".
  • Four Arms' leg strength allows him to jump across entire city blocks in a single bound.
  • Four Arms can punch the ground and make a huge shock wave.
  • He is now much faster then his normal form, but is not Super Fast. His speed could possibly be equalized to about that of Wildmutts.


  • When under the effects of a cold, Four Arms's strength and stamina are weakened and he develops pungent hives in his armpits.