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Ultimate Forms
Sentient Ultimate Forms.PNG
General Information
Creator Albedo
Other Info
Notable Members Ultimate Humungousaur
Ultimate Echo Echo
Ultimate Big Chill
Ultimate Swampfire
Ultimate Cannonbolt
Ultimate Spidermonkey
Ultimate Wildmutt
Ultimate Way Big
Ultimate Gravattack
Ultimate Arctiguana
Ultimate Albedo
First Appearance The Final Battle: Part 1

Ultimate Forms are evolved versions of some of Ben Tennyson's newer aliens. Some of them have completely change their physical appearance, while some only change their color with few improvements.

Concept and Creation

The "Evolutionary Function" was an additional feature Albedo juryrigged into the incomplete Ultimatrix after stealing it from Azmuth. The Evolutionary Function works by placing the DNA of the alien in a certain simulation of the Ultimatrix making it have simulated battles over millenia and technically evolves them. This explains why the evolutions are more combat centered than their baseline forms. If the Universe becomes a less suitable place to live in, these evolutions will predict how these aliens will turn out.

This "survival of the fittest" method of evolving the aliens makes the Ultimate Forms more suited for combat than anything else, in a worst-case scenario of millions of years. Making the Ultimatrix the very weapon Azmuth didn't want his creations to be so in a way Albedo has corrupted something Azmuth has been working on. When Azmuth saw the completed Ultimatrix for the first time, one of his complaints about Albedo's work was the Evolutionary Function, which he described as "begging for trouble".

In Ultimate Aliens finale, Samuel Nakaoka transforms Echo Echo by multiplying to eight and transforms into respective aliens, then evolves into eight Ultimate Forms to fight against Vilgax in his final form.


To activate it, Ben presses the Ultimatrix symbol, causing it to grow four spikes. Ben is then consumed by green light and transforms into the form. Also, when a person asked if every alien has an ultimate form, Dwayne McDuffie answered it by saying "Wait and see" which is his way of answering a question that he is either not ready to or doesn't want to answer, but it is confirmed there will be more.