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Ultimate Fasttrack is the evolved form of Fasttrack, He is a alien in the multimatrix, the most powerful creation ever.

He can destroy upchuck Norris easily.


Ultimate Fasttrack appearance looks extremely different from his devolved form. Instead of being blue he is green and his eyes are more rounded. The quills on him are now longer and his mask is also longer to. He is taller then Fasttrack and more muscular. He has now sprouted a tail that is very long and green also. At the end of his tail is a spike and he has rattles on his tail. He has sharp claws on his feet and hands, that are black. He has another form that is still very similar to his regular form. Insted of being blue he is red but his face is still blue. He is also taller and more muscular. He wears the evolved omnitrix/ultimatrix on his chest.


Enhanced strength

Neuro-shock blast

Can shoot his quills out

Enhanced reflexes

Absolute speed

Supreme agility

Enhanced durability

Can shoot his rattles out as a sharp disk

Has a Spike on his tail he can use to attack

Sharp claws

Can create tornados

Can create shockwaves

By spinning fast rate then punching enemies, he can create sonic punches

When in water, he can create whirlpools

Can reverse gravity by spinning at a fast rate

By spinning while creating energy then slamming the ground, he can create energy shock waves.