Ultimate Ek is the evolved version of Ek. He is an evolved Lf from Kj. He appears in Ben 10: Stupidity Force.

Ultimate Ek
Ultimate Ek.png
General Information
Species Evolved Lf
Home World Kj
Body Pineapple
Alternate Counterparts Ek (devolved form)

Infinite Ek (evolved form)

Superduper Awesome Ultimate Ek (superevolved form)

Powers and Abilities
Abilities Everything related to Pineapples, platypuses, spoons and eyebrows
First Appearance Ek: Evolutions


Ultimate Ek is taller from his devolved form, due to his longer spoon legs. He now has a brown platypus head rather than a green one, along with a grey beak. His unibrow is much larger, and he now has a larger spoon tail from behind his pineapple bush thingy. His pineapple spikes are much larger than normally.


  • Controlling pineapples
  • Controlling platypuses
  • Controlling spoons
  • Controlling eyebrows
  • Shooting spoons or pineapples
  • Digging using his spoons
  • Spiky pineapple skin
  • Can shoot pineapple spikes
  • Can summon eyebrows
  • Can move people through their eyebrows
  • Spoon shield
  • Shooting pineapple trees
  • Can become invisible to anyone but platypuses, pineapples or spoons
  • Can revive dead platypuses or pineapples
  • Can fuse platypuses with pineapples, or platypuses with spoons, or spoons with pineapples
  • Can evolve pineapples, platypuses, or spoons
  • Can pop balloons with his spikes
  • Super strength (can lift a 300 ton pineapple)
  • Super speed (can run faster than a superspeedy platypus)
  • Shooting corrosive pineapple juice from his tail


  • Balloons still hurt him


Ben 10: Stupidity Force


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