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Ultimate Ek is the evolved version of Ek. He is an evolved Lf from Kj. He appears in Ben 10: Stupidity Force.

Ultimate Ek
Ultimate Ek.png
General Information
Species Evolved Lf
Home World Kj
Body Pineapple
Alternate Counterparts Ek (devolved form),br>Infinite Ek (evolved form)
Superduper Awesome Ultimate Ek (superevolved form)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Everything related to Pineapples, platypuses, spoons and eyebrows
First Appearance Ek: Evolutions


Ultimate Ek is taller from his devolved form, due to his longer spoon legs. He now has a brown platypus head rather than a green one, along with a grey beak. His unibrow is much larger, and he now has a larger spoon tail from behind his pineapple bush thingy. His pineapple spikes are much larger than normally.


  • Controlling pineapples
  • Controlling platypuses
  • Controlling spoons
  • Controlling eyebrows
  • Shooting spoons or pineapples
  • Digging using his spoons
  • Spiky pineapple skin
  • Can shoot pineapple spikes
  • Can summon eyebrows
  • Can move people through their eyebrows
  • Spoon shield
  • Shooting pineapple trees
  • Can become invisible to anyone but platypuses, pineapples or spoons
  • Can revive dead platypuses or pineapples
  • Can fuse platypuses with pineapples, or platypuses with spoons, or spoons with pineapples
  • Can evolve pineapples, platypuses, or spoons
  • Can pop balloons with his spikes
  • Super strength (can lift a 300 ton pineapple)
  • Super speed (can run faster than a superspeedy platypus)
  • Shooting corrosive pineapple juice from his tail


  • Balloons still hurt him


Ben 10: Stupidity Force