Ultimate Echo Echo
Ultimate Echo Echo Pose
General Information
Species Evolved Sonorosian
Home Planet Sonorosia
Body Robotic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sonic Screams
Sonic Force Fields
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Hearing
Space Survivability
Weaknesses Magnetism Vulnerability
Electricity Vulnerability
Equipment Containment Suit
Sonic Disks
Used By Ultimate Ben 10
Ultimate Ben 10'000
Appears in Death of Ben 10

Ultimate Echo Echo is the Ultimatrix's evolved form of Echo Echo. He is an evolved Sonorosian from the planet Sonorosia in Earth-1010.


Ultimate Echo Echo is a robotic humanoid with matte blue skin. He has fifteen removable speaker-like disks embedded into his body at various points. His body is over all rounded and he stands about normal human height. His mouth does not move when he talks. The Ultimatrix symbol is on his chest.

He speaks in a distorted robotic voice.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Echo Echo possesses audiokinesis and can generate sonic attacks from either his mouth, or any of the sonic disks embedded into his body. An extension of the advanced audiokinesis is the ability to generate soundwave shields capable of holding back explosives and projectiles.

Ultimate Echo Echo can fly via soundwaves.

Ultimate Echo Echo is much more durable than his unevolved form.

Ultimate Echo Echo can detach the fifteen sonic disks attached to his body, which can be moved and controlled psychically. They can fly and perform advanced audiokinetic techniques in combination with each other. They also possess the ability to multiply themselves as much as needed once separated from Ultimate Echo Echo's body. Sonic attacks from enough of these disks are potentially strong enough to crush tanks.

Ultimate Echo Echo possesses the ability to duplicate himself by aligning his sonic disks into the outline of himself, then generating a clone within the empty space. This was demonstrated in the Prologue.

In Trials by Fire: Part 2 Ultimate Echo Echo demonstrated enhanced hearing, able to identify Ollopa as talking backwards immediately.

Ultimate Echo Echo possesses the ability to perform special audiokinetic techniques, including those of Echo Echo and also more advanced techniques.

  • Echo Chamber: Ultimate Echo Echo surrounds his target with Sonic Disks for a powerful barrage. This move is a weaker version of Sonic Doom.


As shown in Prologue, if his containment suit is breached he will be destroyed. This weakness is somewhat nullified by his duplication, however, as his sonic disks are not always destroyed if the containment suit is breached.

Ultimate Echo Echo's suit can be magnetised.

If one of Ultimate Echo Echo's disks or clones are subjected to an electric attack, every clone and disk currently deployed will be affected.


Death of Ben 10

Ultimate Ben 10 used Ultimate Echo Echo in the Prologue to confront his dimension's version of Apollo. He later fought Apollo in Chapter 11 to protect Ben Prime.


Death of Ben 10

Ultimate Ben 10

Ultimate Ben 10'000



  • This is Aaron's favourite Ultimate Alien.
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