Ultimate Ditto
Ult. ditto sm
General Information
Species Splixon
Home World Hathor
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Cloning, energy beams, sword generation


In Noah 10, Super Force, and Matrix Unleashed, he looks the same as normal Ditto, except the stripes on his eyes have a split in them, his spikes on his head are bigger and sharper, his feet are bulkier, and his chest/stomach pattern is different.

In Super Matrix, he looks like Super Matrix Ditto, but he has black covering his mouth, his spikes are sharper, his clothes colors are reversed, he has a green X pattern on his chest, and his eye stripes are split.


He can shoot the spikes on his head, and pull them out as swords. He can spin the swords as fans and deflect blasts. His clones are no longer linked, like Echo Echo. He has high agility and is slightly stronger. He can shoot energy orbs when he places his hands together, gathers ki, makes his bulbs and eyes glow, and shooting the orb.

In Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse, his powers are limited to his regular form's powers (enhanced), as well as laser projection and limited elasticity. When he duplicates, he and his clones are no longer linked to each other.


His clones still have minds of their own, so Noah (or Ben) can't control them, and if he's attacked while charged an energy blast, the blast hurts him instead.


Noah 10

  • Ult. ditto

    Ult. Ditto in the previous series

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