Ultimate Diamondhead is the evolved form of Diamondhead.


One version of Ultimate Diamondhead would have him resemble a humanoid spider, with 8 legs and two arms. His clothes have ripped below his chest. His "hair" is no longer present. The recreated Ultimatrix symbol is on his chest.

Another version of Ultimate Diamondhead would have him become much more bulkier, with his back becoming larger and his clothes being torn. His legs would be enlarged as well, with his body becoming slightly taller. The recreated Ultimatrix symbol is on his hideous back.

Powers and Abilities

Ultimate Diamondhead is capable of firing more diamonds at a faster rate when compared to Diamondhead. This allows him to launch swarms of projectiles at machines, destroying them with ease. For his first version, his pre-existing abilities allow him to crush enemies due to his size. He is capable of using his legs to launch barrages of diamonds at opponents, and he can also do this with his arms, but with less power. For his second version, his bulkiness allows him to crash through walls and slam on opponents. Both versions are immune to any radiation-based attack.


Ultimate Diamondhead can be shattered. He can also be melted, but this can only be done by few. His first version is somewhat slow and is vulnerable to attacks from beings that can move at high speeds. His second version is slower than the first version, allowing for any being to take it down with ease if they're able to anticipate his attacks.


When he is written into an episode that involves Albedo.


  • This was thought of when Shades imagined a hypothetical fight between Atomix and Ultimate Diamondhead.[[ ]]
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